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As the name suggests, the table grill looks like a large table, the top of which is a shallow box that holds charcoal or can be fitted for gas. Most table grills have adjustable grates so you can raise and lower the cooking surface to control the heat. Some allow you to do this by means of a notched support that can hold the grate at a variety of heights. Some use gears. Table grills are designed chiefly for direct grilling, but many have fittings for rotisseries. These grills are popular for backyard grilling in Australia and are sporadically available in the United States. (They’re used for institutional grilling: barbecue festivals, country club cookouts, church barbecues, and the like.) The best place to look for a table grill is at a party rental company.

What to look for when buying or renting a table grill: Sturdy construction with solid legs; a grill that can be raised and lowered; and a fitting for a rotisserie.

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