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Kingsford on sale again.

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Post Wed Jun 30, 2004 4:10 pm
DarkRubiTJ medium-well

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Home Depot is running Kingsford Charcoal on sale again for the 4TH. 2 24 LB bags for $7.99. Stock up early, it goes quick at that price.
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Post Wed Jun 30, 2004 8:34 pm
steede rare

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Thanks for the tip. I missed the Memorial Day sale, but will be sure to stock up this time.

Post Wed Jun 30, 2004 10:32 pm
ThrRoff well done
well done

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I bought a bag of Kingsford the other day and used it for rotisserie chicken. The usual time for a chicken on the spit is almost exactly one hour. Now I did have two chickens going, and it took almost 2 hours to bring them to 175. Does Kingsford burn cooler than other briquettes?

Post Thu Jul 01, 2004 12:37 am
Rifter well done
well done

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Hey, thanks for the heads-up! We just went and grabbed 2 bundles. :-)
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