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Anyone try the Weber Smoker Kit?

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Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 1:06 pm
messickzr rare

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I was looking around on the net and found this smoker kit for a Weber and I was wondering if anyone has tried this. It seems to me like maybe you couldn't get the wood chips hot enough to smoke when doing a BCC or Ribs or most other indirect grilling, especially the chips in the middle. Perhaps one could just put the chips in either the front or the back of the smoker pouch. It would be nice to have a separate burner for just the smoker.....

Link to Smoker Kit

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 1:17 pm
Bob-BQN User avatar
well done
well done

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messickzr maybe one of our Summit "D" owners can shed some light on this. The D's smoker box is very similar and works quite well. Of course the D has a dedicated burner for the smoker box.

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 3:37 pm
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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Ok If I'm looking at the same thing you are then what I see is this. They give you a smoker box and a skinnier grate so that the lid of the box is flush with the grates.
Bob is right that this is the same setup as the D, without the extra burner. On the D it works great for adding flavor to gassed food. Not as god as a full blown smoker but it does add great flavor to your grilled food. You can smoke with it, not hardcore smoking, but smoking none the less. On the D I can smoke better with it due to the independant burner that is lower heat. Once again not a hardcore smoker but it does get the job done and is very convienant. That said the wood does burn well in the box, as well as in the offet of my chargriller or as in any pouch I've used. You don't need or want all of your wood burning at the same time. So don't fret about that. My only reservation is regarding the heat to start the wood burning, but this is negated by the fact that any other external adaptation such as a pouch or grate top box will need to heat up in a similar manner. Get the grill hot first to get the wood smoking, then back the heat down and start cooking, add wood as necessary.
I don't know what the price is but that withstanding my reccomendation is this:
If you're looking to enhance the flavor of your grilling...go for it.
If you're looking to do hardcore'll be better to buy a smoker.
If you're anywhere in between, you'll probably be happy with the results.

Good luck
Let us know how you make out.

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 3:42 pm
Don Marco well done
well done

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I got the smoker kit in my Solver B gasser and it works.
You need to preheat the grill on high until the chips begin to smoke, and as
long as the back burner is lit, the small tube on the left side of the grill will keep burning, too.
That keeps the chips alive.

Anyway, if you look a little further, you could also get a new Weber charcoal kettle for the money, or have half the costs of the weber smokey mountain cooker.That one is the way to go if you want real good smoked food.

Another tip regarding smoke on weber gas grills :
When you´re maintaining a low temperature in the gasser and use a smoker box or foil pouches, its often hard to keep them smoking.
Before i had the smoke attachment, i put 2 charcoal briquettes in the back left corner right between the flavourizer bars.Waited til those lit and then turned the burners down.
If you put your box/foil on top of those briquettes, you have a "dedicated" smoke burner.
This wont affect the cooking temperature much,you got lots of smoke, the flavourizer bars can stand the heat easily and the ashes fall right through into the drip pan.

Give it a try.

Don Marco

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 4:45 pm
messickzr rare

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Thanks for the tips. I myself would go for a smoker, but my wife is not too keen on smoked foods for some reason. I am thinking that this may impart just enough flavor to bring her over to the smoker side. We just bought a Weber Genesis gold B, (the wife really wanted that stainless steel look) and I would like to add a smoker to the mix.

Post Fri Jun 04, 2004 12:28 am
PaulP well done
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I have this gadget also, and it works fine. The box is notched to fit down over the flavorizer bars, and the wood sits right on the bars or the crossover ignition burner. Smokes well once you get it going, I've even had all the wood ignite when grilling at high heat with the lid open (don't ask). As far as I know, the crossover ignition burner stays lit as long as any burner is lit, and the size of its flame is not adjustable. The only drawback (a small one) is that the ashes fall down on the ectrema left side of the firebox, and some of them get hung up between the side if the grill and the falvorizer bars, where they require a little extra effort to clean out once in a while. Don't know if they still sell them, but last year Weber sold two versions, one with a porcelain-coated grate, and one with SS. In both of these versions, the smoker box was not SS
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