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Best Choice Charcoal

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Post Tue May 02, 2006 7:44 pm
Blake medium-rare

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Has anyone here used "Best Choice 100% Hardwood Briquets"? I picked up some from Harps and did Steve's Cajun Beer Can Chicken recipee. I found that it lights a little slower than the old Kingsford. Smells better when it lights than either the old or the new Kingsford. Did not burn as hot cooking indirect as the old Kingsford. I like this for indirect cooking. Heat lasted easily as long as the old Kingsford if not longer. Price is better than Kingsford at Harps. Food turned out great. Definately recommended.

Thanks ... Blake

PS: The best bargain at my local Harps is getting "Ozark Oak" 100% natural lump charcoal for $3.88 per 10 lb bag. It is this price every day. This is the top rated lump on Nakewhiz. This is my favorite charcoal along with Hasty Bake which performed equally as well.

Post Wed May 03, 2006 1:31 am
Delaware Smoker well done
well done

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I'm trying to find info.about BBQ Pro Briquets.Bought a bag at KMart,but haven't tried it yet.Anyone use this?
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