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All right here is a story!

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Post Wed May 12, 2004 10:37 pm
MemphisMike medium

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One of the reasons I fell in love with Steve's books is because of this weekend. In his book BBQ USA he has a section on Memphis in May. The photos for that section are of my cousin's team. I showed them to her a few weeks ago and she couldn't believe it. They may sign 50 to 60 releases during the weekend. I was the first one to show them Steve's book though She was floored when I showed her that. Of course, she we out and bought 2 book for door prizes. Anyway ya'll have a good weekend>

Post Sun May 16, 2004 1:53 am
Vinsect well done
well done

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That's a cool story.
Mike, have you ever seen the Dempseys play?

These guys are a local Memphis band and they Rock!!!! :twisted:
They put on the best show of any band I've ever seen. Absolutely unbelievable.
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