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Post Mon May 10, 2004 12:30 pm
RichD medium-well

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This past Saturday my daughter made her First Communion. So we of course had the obligatory party. Had the whole family over. Following is the menu;

1. Pulled Pork: smoked two 4.5 pound pork shoulders on Friday, used the cider squirt from "Sauces, Rubs and Marinades" to mop through out the smoke. Had NC Vinegar sauce and BBQ sauce on the side.

2. Beef sates: Thinly sliced flank steak marinated. I have a great marinade for flank steak I will post if anyone is interested.

3. Chicken sates: thinly sliced chicken tenders marinated in a garlic herb marinaed.

4. Barbecued shrimp. Some with a BBQ sauce and some with a garlic butter.

5. Pork and Beans

6. Homemade coleslaw: the vinegar based type. No mayonaise.

7. Vegetable lasagna.

8. Hamburgers and chicken burgers.

And of course dessert.
Everything went well and the food turned out great. My sister inlaw thinks I should be a caterer.


Post Mon May 10, 2004 1:28 pm
Bob-BQN User avatar
well done
well done

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RichD glad to hear that the cookout dinner went well. Sounds like a great menu with lots of contrasting flavors.

You should cater, if not commercially, at least for your family's events!

Post Mon May 10, 2004 1:38 pm
Airfoils well done
well done

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Sounds good Rich now how bout that flank steak marinade? :D

Post Mon May 10, 2004 3:43 pm

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rich, congrats on your daughter. It is my turn this weekend for my daughter. perhaps you can help me, how many pounds of pork did you smoke for how many people? I am trying to figure out how much i need. thanks :wink:

Post Mon May 10, 2004 6:30 pm
BBcue-Z well done
well done

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Rich D,
Congratulation on your daughter’s first communion. My daughter also got her first communion last weekend. We ended up celebrating at a restaurant though (due to time restraints). It sounds like you had a great party. I wish I didn’t let the family talk me into having it at a restaurant :(

Post Mon May 10, 2004 11:36 pm
RichD medium-well

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Location: New Jersey
I seem to remember someone suggested a resteraunt, but when I have company I like to cook. I usually hold a seafood fest in honor of Mothers Day, but in light of Saturdays events I just had the one function.
Congradulation to you as well.
Bigkahuna it looks like your next. I hope all goes well for you too. I smoked two shoulders at about 4 1/2 lbs each. We had that with along the rest of the menu above.
Let us know how you make out.


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