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Grill Crawfish?

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Post Sat May 08, 2004 10:54 pm
Richard raw

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Each summer my wife's sister and family from Texas spend time with us at Fallen Leaf Lake in the High Sierras of California. Each year we do the hunter/gatherer act and catch a lot of crawfish off the dock. My sister boils them Texas style. Each year I tell them that I am sure they would taste better grilled, but I don't have a recipe. Suggestions?

Post Mon May 10, 2004 7:23 am

HI there Richard. I personally like to grill the crawfish. I use a garlic butter sauce with a pinch of salt, some fresh parsley,lime or lemon and paprika. Blend them together until soft and the baste it onto the crawfish while grilling!

Post Mon May 10, 2004 7:51 am
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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I don't have any specific recipes but I'd suggest that if you treat them as you would shrimp that you'll probably be pleased.
Let us know how you make out.

Post Mon May 10, 2004 9:39 am
Bob-BQN User avatar
well done
well done

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Welcome to the board Richard!

The only crawfish I've eaten have been deep fried at a restaurant. I'm bettin' that you're right. Everything tastes better grilled than boiled. Boiling takes flavor out, while grilling adds flavor! If you're doing a gumbo then the flavors blend in a broth and you still get it. But I'll guess you inlaws are draining it away.

I agree with Grand Scale and our guest that if you'll treat them like jumbo shrimp, and grill them on skewers, you'll have some good eatin'!

Post Mon May 10, 2004 12:56 pm
RichD medium-well

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Crawfish are more like tiny lobsters than shrimp so I would tend to grill them much like a whole lobster. It just won't take as long since they are smaller.The shells on shrimp are much thinner then a crawfish wich is one of the reasons I would treat them as lobster. It may be tough to run a skewer through the shell ( dangerous too if your hand is on the opposit side) and if you just pull the tails you are missing the claws and heads ( some people like what's in the head)
Just my two cents.


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