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What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
Post Fri Aug 08, 2003 2:02 pm

:P The best B-B-Q is a little place in the mountains above Denver on Highway 285 in Bailey, CO. called Hog Heaven. Rod and Mary started this place in a renovated train car that had the smoker built on the back. If you wanted to eat there you had to sit outside on picnic benches, for there was no diningroom. Rod has some of the best pulled pork and smoked chicken around, but the best is his homemade B-B-Q sauce, either regular or hot & spicy. I preferred the hot and spicy.
Rod's business has boomed into a small restaurant, but the train car is still there and the smoker is still used. People drive for miles just to get some great bar-be-que and homemade sweet potato pie. I no longer live there, but when I visist, I make a point of going up to see Rod and Mary and have some really great bar-be-que.

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