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Painting the Grate

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Post Tue Apr 06, 2004 9:46 am

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My Char-broil has a large rectangular grate (2 ft by 1.5 ft.) on which I am desparately trying to learn to grill. To replenish the coals, I have to lift the entire grate off the grill (taking the food and any ambient heat with it) to get at the coal grate. I want to cut the grate into three sections, a la Weber, so I can access the coal grate without disturbing the food. (Yes, there's an access dorr in the front but no way can I put a chimney full of hot charcoal through that!)

Once I cut the tines of the grate, with what do I paint the various ends? High-temp Krylon Paint? Leave the ends alone? Dip them in some gooey rubbery thing that cures to rock solid?

Post Tue Apr 06, 2004 2:40 pm
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I don't think you want to paint anything on the inside of a grill or smoker.

If you coat the ends with shortening after every use they should build up a seasoned surface.

If you are using lump there is no need to preburn it before adding to the grill. Just toss it onto the burning bed of coals.

Sometimes I'll start a fire with briquette and use lump to replenish as I go.


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