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Post Sun Jun 22, 2003 8:01 pm
cwaltrs raw

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Location: Northern NJ
What are the premiere US Barbecue Festivals? Any festivals in the NY area to recommend, even if they aren't the top ones?

Post Mon Jun 23, 2003 9:39 am
ellem52 raw

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Location: NY

Howard Stern has been talking up Grill-a-Palooza... something he's throwing together -- Steve was on the show the other day -- looking forward to that coming together
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Post Mon Jun 23, 2003 7:51 pm

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Location: Jersey Shore
Howard is only talking about that beacuse he got a new grill. He well forget in a few weeks. Maybe we should have our own
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Post Sun Jun 29, 2003 11:45 pm

From what I've heard the Kansas City Royal is one of the better in the country, it's a pretty big deal here in good ol' King City.

Post Wed Jul 02, 2003 11:53 am
stripegrill medium

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Location: St. Charles, IL
For anyone in the Chicago area, this weekend (july 2-6) is Rib Fest in Naperville, about 30 minutes west of the CIty. There will be 25 rib vendors and is always a good eat!

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