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New Smoker Tips?

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Post Tue Mar 23, 2004 7:43 pm
SmokeyJ rare

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Today I just got my first smoker (Brinkman Pitmaster Delux). I’ve been charcoal grilling for a long time now and I am even a year round griller in the Pacific Northwest! Today I got my first smoker and am planning on doing ribs this weekend.

Any advice from experienced smokers would be appreciated as well as any helpful links. My smoker is the horizontal type with the off set charcoal/fire box.

Thank you and happy grilling/smoking.

Post Tue Mar 23, 2004 7:55 pm
Bob-BQN User avatar
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well done

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Howdy SmokeyJ, welcome to the barbeque bible. There are a lot of folks here with experience and good information. Here are a few recent topics that cover smoking ribs. Please take time to look them over:

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The search feature at the top of the page can also be useful in finding more topics on ribs. If you have specific questions, fire away and we’ll try to be more help.
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Post Tue Mar 23, 2004 11:38 pm
hickory pete well done
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Hi SmokeyJ..Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here, and look forward to reading about some of your experiences.


Post Wed Mar 24, 2004 12:14 am
ThrRoff well done
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Welcome to the Board. Others here will be able to offer tips and pointers for some good smoked meats. I have a Brinkman also. I don’t know if they have added to their instructions but the smoker really needs to be burned and seasoned a lot before it is usable, or you will get very ugly burnt paint taste on your foods for a while. Build a fire in both the fire box and the smoking chamber and let it get real hot. Keep it hot for a couple of hours until you can’t smell paint any more. I would let it cool, clean out the smoking chamber and then give it a good coat of cooking oil.

Post Wed Mar 24, 2004 3:16 pm
Rick rare

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Hello Smokey J, where in the northwest are you at?

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