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Post Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:15 am
sharky medium-rare

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I have to be honest, I bought my stainless steel Ducane grill for the looks, but I have loved it since my first time using it! I spent a few grand on this one. The others I've had were the $500 specials from sears. They laster a few years, maybe 3 tops. They weren't stainless steel and the grates were small and rusted quickly. So far on this one, I've had it two years, and the outside looks like the day I bought it. The inside is worn in a little bit, but the grates are in great shape!

Post Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:59 pm
elmtx rare

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Weber does make a Porcelain Coated cast iron grate for the Genesis that is sold exclusively at Home Depot. It's not heavy SS, but has lots of mass and the Porcelain coating should keep it from rusting for a long time.
I have used every kind of grill grate and I like Cast-Iron the best because of the searing ability and strength. Even though they cook the best they are not the easiest to maintain. Mine will rust if you burn the seasoning off of them, so you have to keep it out of the heavy flames. I think the Porcelain coated cast-Iron ones would be the best combo ever, but heavy SS bar is the easiest to maintain and is the next closest on a good sear. I just put the SS ones in the oven on self-clean to clean them up.
- Erik


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