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Post Wed Aug 10, 2005 12:34 pm
jfm0830 well done
well done

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Argon thanks again. I'll check out the BBQ Galore web site. Unfortunatelt the drive to "neighboring" Norwalk CT is about 3.5 hours - I'll pass on that :) . I'll look at the one at Lowes in person and compare it to the BBQ Galore model. This rotiss basket and a marinade injector I was looking at in another thread here have given me an idea. My birthday is at the end of this month-I think the theme this year will be BBQ accessories. :D

Post Wed Aug 10, 2005 8:57 pm
bbquy well done
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Hey JFM,
I don't know if you want the basket from BBQ Galore or not but some time within the next month or so my wife and I taking a ride there. I would be happy to pick up what you need and send it to you. If you are interested just let me know.
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Post Wed Aug 10, 2005 9:26 pm
jfm0830 well done
well done

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Bbqguy thank you so much for your generous offer. There certainly is a great group of people on this board. I think what I'm gonna do is get myself to Lowes. I'm curious how they compare to Home Depot , not for grill stuff but in general. While there I'll look at the rotisserie rack and decide wether I like it or if I want the one from BBQ Galore. I like the fact the BBQ Galore model is non-stick. If I go for the BBQ Galore model I'll mail order it.

Thanks again for offering to help out. You know I'm jealous of all you guys that have BBQ specialty stores near you. I had one close by that I really liked, but they went bankrupt after a year or so. Not much grilling goes on in the winter around here. I plan to change that for me.

Hope you enjoy your pilgramage to BBQ Galore.


Post Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:42 am
Argon medium

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Lowes is starting to run "low" on their seasonal supplies - so you may or may not find the basket. As for having a specialty store near me, the BBQ Galore store is in Charlotte and I am north of Greensboro - so it is about a 3 1/2 hour trip. I made it though, to purchase my grill. They also have a forum - although it is not nearly as populated as this one. Great customer service as well.
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Post Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:54 pm
phillyjazz well done
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jfm0830 wrote:
I think what I'm gonna do is get myself to Lowes. I'm curious how they compare to Home Depot.

One thing I love about Lowes is they sell big huge sacks of Mesquite and Hickory pretty cheap. Saves me digging around to the specialty joints ...


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