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newbie w/ a question

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Post Mon Jan 05, 2004 10:35 pm
Woodsmoke raw

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I recently found my way to this site.. it is great! I have been smoking with a New Braunfels Black Diamond smoker for about 8 years now, grilling for much longer.
I have a question. The local market had pork hind legs on sale yesterday, so we got one (about 20 lb.s). I just took it off the smoker and pulled the meat off. I normally wouldn't cook this much meat unless we were having a party, but I can't resist a deal and I had a great time messin' around on my smoker today. I have alot of pulled pork and need to store it with a sauce or broth so it doesn't dry out. I thought about mop sauce, but would it be too strong? Does anyone have any ideas?
Many thanks in advance,

Post Tue Jan 06, 2004 12:15 am
ThrRoff well done
well done

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That's a good question. Most of the time we have very little left and that simply goes in the fridge and get heated (microwave) and served with a little classic red BBQ sauce. I guess I would try a little of a vinegar based mop sauce.

Post Tue Jan 06, 2004 12:19 am
YardBurner BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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I've had real good success using a vacuum sealing machine liike a FoodSaver. (O.K. exactly like a FoodSaver. In fact I've got 2.) I freeze it even if I'm only going to store it for a short time (see boil n bag). Sometimes you just plain run out of time to eat it and it just kills me to pitch it.

Like George Carlin says, "Leftovers make you feel good twice. Once when you put them away , "I'm saving food!", and again when you throw them out, "I'm saving my life!"

I also have a Black Diamond or Hondo smoker.

When I fire it up I usually will fill it up. It take just as much fuel to smoke one or two butts as it takes to do 6 or 8.

I've even bought butts on sale or by the case at Sam's or Costco and frozen them until the weather was a little more friendly. Again, not much difference in quality between frozen or fresh. Just make sure the suckers are really thawed out . Talk about a thermal mass to try to bring up to temp.

Just be sure you pull or chop the meat prior to freezing it.

Don't sauce it heavily before you suck it down. Add a little (very little) Lexington or Western Carolina sauce just to moisten it. You can always add more when you reheat it . The machine just sucks all that extra juice into itself and you've got a real mess on your hands.

I've kept this in the freezer up to a year and a half without any noticable negative effects.

Thaw the bag in the fridge for a couple of days or use it like a boil N bag and sauce it after it's been reheated YUM!

Post Thu Jan 08, 2004 2:22 am
dkirn well done
well done

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Woodsmoke -

First of all welcome to the board, we look forward to your imput.

As far as your leftovers you can either send them all to me or split it between myself and Grand Scale (that should have been listed in the "rules" section when you signed up for the board :wink: )

Seriously, when I have leftover pulled port I use a little mop sauce sprayed over the pork to keep it moist (especially when you go to heat it up). I personally use just apple juice which works great.

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