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I finally found it... A Spiessbraten recipe!

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Hey guys,

A year or two ago, I posted a request for a recipe from Idar Oberstein in the Rheinland Pfalz area of Germany. It is a beef or pork roast dish, cooked over an open fire called Spiessbraten. When I posted the request, it generated alot of interest. Well, I finally found the recipe. I located it at
I've also copied it below for your convenience. Steve, if you are planning another book, it would be nice if you were able to visit Germany and check out their methods of grilling. The germans have some fantastic grilled and roasted meats. Schweine haxe, Bavarian chicken or handel and Spiessbraten to name a few.

Idar-Oberstein "Spiessbraten"

The Spiessbraten belongs to Idar-Oberstein as well as jewelry and
precious stones. It is known as a typical meal in the whole area, even
far away from the borders of Idar-Oberstein. In the springtime when the
days become a little warmer and even more sunny, the Spiessbraten
barbecue time starts. At some days in the summer time even whole streets
are surrounded by the fragrance of the meat that is well done on an open

Even though our foreign guests know what they get when they order a
Spiessbraten in a restaurant we now will explain two modifications of
preparation. First there is the version that is well done on a barbecue
grill (Schwenkbraten) and second the version where the meat is rolled
and well done by handwork on a metal stick (Spiessbraten). But first a
little hint. The two recipes shown are only two of uncountable versions
to prepare the Spiessbraten.


Beef: roastbeef or T-bones - the beef should not be too fresh.
Pork: shoulder or rib - eye
Every piece should have among 350 and 500 gram and it should be cut
Spices: salt, pepper, onions, garlic

The meat should be prepared one night before eating. At first spice the
meat with salt and pepper. Now peel the onions and cut them in rings.
Spice them with salt and pepper, too and press them in a little bit. Put
the onions and the meat in sites. The last site is onions. The next day
you start a big beech-wood-fire and burn it down until it's very hot.
Rearrange the onions now and put the meat on the grill. It should be
well done from both sides. The meat is ready after about 25 minutes (it
depends on the weight). The meat is ready when it starts loosing juice
or when it is not compliant any more when you press it. Pork should be
done very well, beef can be done medium or English, just as you like it.
As supplement we recommend green salad, fresh bread and grilled
potatoes. We wish a delicious meal.

The most important ingredient is very STRONG ONIONS otherwise it doesn't
come out so well.

Ingredients: The same as before. The weight of the piece depends on how
many guests you want to serve. You should consult your butcher and he
should cut the meat, too.

We recommend to prepare the meat one night before. Spice it with salt,
pepper, onions and garlic as well. Cut the onions in little pieces and
fill the meat with the onions. Roll the meat and attach it with a
string. The next day you prepare your fire, put the meat on a stick and
turn it for 1 1/2 hours. Normally the meat is ready when the skin is
quite cross. Now cut meat in slices. Supplement as before.

This is also cooked on an Oak fire as well. Just be sure to remove the bark.

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While in Germany for three years we grilled Schwenkbraten often. At my first party in Germany I ate four Schwenkbraten sandwiches. Man were they good! All the Schwenkbraten I've had were pork shoulder seasoned with onion, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, and parsley. However, each butcher make Schwenkbraten with there own "secret" recipe. Some were marinated and some dry rubbed. I prefer the dry rub.

We've made these several times since returning to Texas and get a little closer to the real deal each time.

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I to love Schwenkbraten but have not tried to make it. How is the recipe develpment coming along.

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The Schwenbraten sounds real good. You might also want to try onion juice or water for a stronger onion taste. Onion juice is widely used on meat in the Mediterranean area; Steve had touched on that in his books. I also clean my grates with half an onion before cooking (this is also a Mediterranean practice), this not only clean the grates, but also provide stronger onion flavor to the food that’s cooked on them.

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