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This is the place to ask your BBQ questions, share information, and more.
Post Wed Dec 17, 2003 2:56 pm
chagan well done
well done

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Location: Central NJ by way of NY
Ok, folks in an effort to spur more activity and to give people a chance to participate we have created this thread as a means to briefly tell us about yourself and what you like/dislike/would like to learn or share more about. I shall kick it off.

I have always enjoyed a good BBQ as I'm sure that most of us have. Growing up my uncle would host a get together once or twice a year and all family members would take great efforts to attend. I guess that is what I got out of it- a great way to entertain family and friends and enjoy great food, drink, and laughs. Now I would like to learn more so that I can throw the events and carry on the torch as it were. I would consider myself to be a bit of a novice with only 3 or more years getting info, buying my own little kettle, and jumping into the frey with enthusiasm. Prior to this, I was strictly a once in a while burger guy. I do have a passion for it- so I enjoy it immensely, and try new and interesting things constantly. I have also recently gotten into the tailgateing aspect of grilling- a whole other world there. I enjoy everything that people contribute here, and have learned a great deal from everyone. I can actually say that I am quite pleased with the fare that I can now produce- and more importantly, others rave as well. This is the best part about it for me- to make something that you enjoy and to share it with others who enjoy it as well. All warm and fuzzy like. Please jump in and tell us a bit about how you've caught the bug, or to just say hello :D
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No, it ain't burnt- it's barbecue

Post Wed Dec 17, 2003 4:05 pm
GBitto rare

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OK - I'll start. I've been a backyard "burner" for a long time on your garden variety gas grill as well as on the open fire while camping. While not willing to give up the convenience of gas at home during the week, I would like to improve and expand my options. Got hooked on a bunch of TV cooking shows - Steve's got to me the most. Old grill burnt thru another burner (third time in 7 years - not too bad), so time to upgrade - got a 3-burner Charbroil Commercial model. Primary use is grilling - hoped to be able to do some psuedo-smoking (at least get some of the flavor). After reading some postings, I know need to save a few bucks to get a bullet smoker as well :lol:
Anyway - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Post Wed Dec 17, 2003 4:39 pm
hickory pete well done
well done

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I've been cooking on a grill for years. I believed that all you had to do was start the grill, throw on some burgers, watch them fall apart, fall through the grate and catch fire. So a good grilling success was not to lose too much to the fire. Occasional steaks over-cooked, not to mention no "grill marks" were pretty much the standard fare. Also, that I thought I was good at it.

I happened to catch one of Steven's shows on PBS, went to the web site out of curiosity, and a bit skeptical because, how much can there be to grilling? I started reading the posts, and realized that I really didn't know much at all. Ever since then, I've learned so much from this site, what everyone's shared, and want all of Steven's books. I hope to improve as time goes on with the continued sharing of BBQ information.

Grill marks, grilled onions, steaks, fish, BBQ sauces, rubs, marinades, injectors, smokers, gas, charcoal, etc. I want to learn about all of it!!

I'm hoping that more people take part in all of this. Everyone has that special recipe/method or advice handed down from others, and we could all benefit.

Post Wed Dec 17, 2003 5:21 pm
stripegrill medium

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Location: St. Charles, IL
I started grilling in the backyard growing up because I got tired of my parents always charring everything. I got tired of bbq chicken that was nothing but charcoal, steaks that were like shoe leather and hockey puck hamburgers. When I moved out and got married I took over the cooking. When we registered for gifts I picked out the stuff for the kitchen. The kitchen is my domain. I got my current grill, a 2-burner Sunbeam (that got vandalized late this fall so I was told not to replace it before Christmas) as a housewarming present from the in-laws. I couldn't exactly tell them no thanks, I want a Weber, so I have saved my pennies. Like others, I thought grilling was steak, burgers, dogs, etc. I saw the show and got the best book ever written, "How To Grill," and I am hooked. I like to cook steak, chicken, vegetables. I am going to start smoking big time next spring/summer and certainly experimenting with all that I have learned of here. I love to tinker with sauces, especially bbq. Now, if my wife would only be adventurous and be willing to try other foods than her favorites I would be happy.

Post Wed Dec 17, 2003 5:24 pm
Info@Workman Site Admin
Site Admin

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Hi, I'm Info@Workman, and I help moderate this board (I made this post a "sticky" so it would be right at the top for a while). I started grilling a couple of years ago, inspired by Steven's books, a new deck, and a desire for a less smoky kitchen.

Thanks for starting this thread, and trust me, we at Workman are interested in your thoughts and ideas! I would also love to know what you like about this site, what you'd like to see more of, and what would make some of you part-time grillers come out of the woodwork and join us!


ps--I also took over grilling from my dad because I like my steaks still mooing! Others disagreed and I was fired from the post until now . . .

Post Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:32 pm
hickory pete well done
well done

Posts: 403

You really did start a good topic with this post. :)

I forgot to add to my post...thanks to this site, I never knew that you could create heavy smoke from a gas grill. Smoke pouch...first time I ever saw it was on Steven's show.

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 12:25 am
MaxDog rare

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Location: Springfield, IL
I've been grilling for about 8years -- but really expanded by repetoire after I got HTG about 3 years ago. Started on a Thermos gas and finally buried it this summer. Been learning the ins and outs of my Weber Genesis Silver for a few months now. Mostly stick to week-day grilling -- chicken and fish. My favorite is brined/grilled port tenderloin. Haven't done much smoking yet -- can't seem to keep the gas grill low enough and keep adequate smoke.
Like any other field of learning -- grilling/smoking/bbqing is about the journey, not the destination.
How lovely it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 9:51 am
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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Location: York, PA
Ok where do I start to explain the man behind the monicer "Grand Scale"? Let me start by saying that I'm probably the youngest guy on the board but please don't hold that against me. I've been grilling for as long as I can remember but only to my current level of insanity for the last 8 years or so. Mainly back yard stuff taking after my father, but recently, when I fell off the deep end, I've taken my sport to new levels. I enjoy cooking for myself and my friends. I have never and probably will never do a cook off or a competition (although I do an annual charity chili cookoff). When I grill I grill to impress, even if I'm the only one impressed. Hence "Grand Scale" and "Always Go Big" I've only had Steve's books for about a year now and they've pushed me farther down the rabbit hole. I first came to the site to ask a few questions, then realized I knew more than I thought I did and here I am many posts later. I keep coming back because there is so much to learn from the people here that goes way beyond the books.

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 11:56 am
stripegrill medium

Posts: 104
Location: St. Charles, IL
Hey Grand Scale, don't be so sure you are the youngest. I too am on the young side (I hope!) at just 29 years old. But really, age doesn't matter when participating in our hobby, as I started my younger brother on this also. He too got tired of charred backyard food from our dad and took over the grill! Now he is just as addicted.

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 1:42 pm
Steven Raichlen

Wow! I knew there were a lot of grillers out there/ It's great to hear your stories. Speaking of young grillers, I got my start when I was 7 or 8. Interestingly, my mother was the family grill master. This was back in the 50s and we used flat, brazier types grills. She'd douse the coals with some flameable liquid that's probably illegal today, and with a fierce "whump", we'd be off.
My mother liked her meats "Pittsburgh rare"--that is, coal black on the outside and still mooing inside. She basically used two cooking temperatures: high and off.
Of course, we're a lot more sophisticated today, with direct and indirect grilling and the heat control afforded by two and three zone fires.
But every once in a while, I still char a steak the old fashioned way in Mom's memory.
Happy grilling!
Steven Raichlen

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 1:44 pm
Bob-BQN User avatar
well done
well done

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Location: Texas
Hey everyone. This is a great thread! I’ve enjoyed learning more about my new friends.

I’ve been a member of the board for two months and a proud owner of Steven’s five BBQ cookbooks for about the same length of time. I’m not new to grilling; I started out on a small hibachi almost twenty years ago. However like many others there was not much variety or purpose to what I was grilling. Success was cooking a burger, dog or chicken to doneness without too much charring. Steaks were a rarity and seasoning was an afterthought. My brother in-law gave me a new bullet smoker that he found in an out building at a house he was renting. You could count on one hand the number of times I’ve used it over the last decade. Until now!!!

I saw BBQ-U on PBS this summer and was inspired. I caught only the last three episodes and then the show was dropped. Looking back…that may have been a good thing. I was tempted to buy the cookbooks before, but now I had to, so I did. Then I came here to see if I could learn more from BBQ-U and found this board.

From previous posts you may have gleaned some of the following but for the sake of the thread I will consolidate.
I grew up in K.C., was stationed near Memphis, and now reside in Texas, so I would say good BBQ has always been in my blood.
I rank in just above amateur when it comes to the art of Queing, but I love it like an expert. Call me a wannabe. With Steven’s books, the volumes of information that I’ve amassed from the Internet, and help from ya’ll, my Quein’ has greatly improved!
I’ve had a major fear of needles all my life, even after having to take allergy shots three times a week for three years. No fear of heights, dark, water, or closed in places, I’ve never understood why it’s needles.
When I do something I want to do it right, even if it’s not the ‘easy’ way. Maybe that’s why I’m willing to suffer for my art.
I’m retired from twenty years in the USAF. We spent our last three years of military service in Germany where we grilled three to four times a week.
When I retired the wife wanted to live with her folks so we sold our house that was paid off and moved in with the in-laws (I’ve done hard time). Grill, for me, was almost non-existent during this time. We planned on building a home after retirement. But the economy was strong and costs were up so we bought a home on three acres instead and paid lass than half the price. It’s across the street from the in-laws (so now I’m on parole). On Sundays the adults are at the in-laws and all the kids are at our house.
I cook out a lot more now but not as much as I would like. Must be that ‘obsession’ thing!
I really want to graduate from the Mr. Meat smoker to a BBQ Pit (Klose or Gator). But I have to sell some land, pay off the two boys braces, and remodel the kitchen first.
I drive an old Jeep Cherokee that is a hand-me-down from the wife because she got a newer Jeep Cherokee. However, my next vehicle will be a real Jeep! I’m a back yard mechanic and work on my own vehicles.
I’ve had to finish BBQ in the oven, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I am very mission oriented and will complete a task even if it calls for drastic, unconventional measures.
I prefer cooking with woods and charcoal, over an open fire or BBQ grill and its O.K. if you opt to use different fuels when you cook.
My other hobby is playing with computers. I was fortunate to get a position in a computer repair department while stationed in Germany and was able to hone my hobby into a career. Now I run a small network for an engineering consulting firm.
For twenty-five years I ran sound systems where I attended church. Now I am recording the service on a laptop and breaking it into MP3’s for tracks, burning it to CDROM and duplicating it.
And believe it of not, I really have to work at having a sense of humor. Most of the time, I am literal and analytical. I understand computers a lot better than people and do not enjoy large crowds. In person I am very conservative and reserved even around those I’m close to.

I hope that wasn’t too much information. By the way I really enjoy the discussions on this board.

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 4:03 pm
kl8ton rare

Posts: 22
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Well, I can't top that Bob-BQN, but I think I may be the youngest here. I am 24 bought a house 2 years ago. My Dad grilled at our house growing up, so I am going to grill at my house. :-) By buying Steven's books, I have taken grilling to a whole new level. It used to be BBQ chicken and hamburgers back at home and now it is Beer Can Chicken, Ribs, fish, rotiserie chicken, etc. We got my dad a new grill for his new house and the BBQ Bible. I never thought I would be giving him tips on grilling! :-) I have the 18" weber kettle, a charbriol 3 burner gas, a smokey joe for the road, and I want a Smoker very badly....

I love the books and the site. I look forward to participating for a long time to come. I just want to make food that looks and tastes fantastic. This site and Steven's books allow me to do just that.

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 8:50 pm
ThrRoff well done
well done

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Location: Washington, DC

I like the idea of this thread also.

I have been seriously cooking and grilling for about 7 years now. It has sort of become a serious hobby, one that no one complains about. I have always liked outdoor grilling and have always used a good old kettle Weber. With an effort to eat healthier, I seem to grill a lot of fish, course nothing beats a good seared and very rare porterhouse. My wife and I put a new kitchen in the house about 3 years ago, and really enjoy using it and entertaining. I added a barrel smoker to the grill patio, and have enjoyed learning the art of BBQ. With our work schedules, we only nuke “planned-overs” most week nights, but I consider it a good weekend when I can spend most of it in the kitchen or on the grilling patio. Ah, in terms of age here, since others have posted, I am 56.

My other passion in life is aviation. I am own a small plane which is most used to go get hamburgers at $120 a pop. We also use it to see kids and grand kid in the New York City area and occasional run to Naples, Florida.

Post Thu Dec 18, 2003 11:40 pm
hickory pete well done
well done

Posts: 403
Bob, after reading your post, I had to add that I was in the USAF for 4 years, and discharged in 1970. Both of my Sons were born during that of them at Lackland. Spent 18 months at Clark AFB, Phillipines. We really enjoyed Texas, but Michigan is home.

Post Mon Dec 22, 2003 11:59 am
MReynolds well done
well done

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Location: Missouri, St. Peters
Hi everybody. Where do I begin?

Well, I first learned of this board because I caught Steven's show on PBS back in the summer. I was hooked on his show and was excited until the station yanked it from the air. I've been a lurker from the beginning, failing to realize that I should register. :( Then the thought finally occurred to me, now I'm a full fledged member.

I began grilling when I was a kid. My dad would always grill during the summer months, especially during the holidays, and during picnics and family reunions. By the time I was a teenager I was manning the grill for the family dinner. Also about that time I was skipping school and grilling steaks for me and my buddies. You could say that we were gaining life lessons with the grill and having a feast. Then there was all of the beef jerky we would make together with an electric smoker box. Very tasty indeed. A couple of years later I was limited to grilling on a hibachi on the balcony while serving in the military. Then it was grilling on an apartment balcony with my then girlfriend (now my wife :D ) where I would prepare a slab of ribs, some sausages, and a couple of pork steaks...all on a 12 inch charcoal grill! :shock: There were some periods of time in there that I was without a grill, those were lonely times.

Now, I'm older and have the time and means to get serious about grilling. However, I'm looking to expand my repertoire beyond the standard ribs, burgers, and the like. I've always enjoyed experimenting with food, and I do about half of the cooking in my family with the wife doing the other half. Each of us has our own specialties. But when it comes to grilling, I'm the king of the pit because my wife refuses to touch it. She sees that as my job, and a treat to her. I couldn't agree more. :D

I really enjoy reading this forum, so much so that I've pretty much ignored the other 4-5 boards that I also read regularly. Grilling is consuming me and my wife thinks I'm crazy. She just doesn't see how a person could grill more than once a week, when I want to grill 4 or 5 times a week. :wink: I've gained some knowledge from this board and look forward to learning even more.

As far as equipment, I have the following: Brinkman Smoke 'n Grill electric water smoker, Charbroil Big Easy 3-burner gas grill, Charbroil Big Easy Gas/Charcoal Grill, and a smaller Charbroil gas grill. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm a mfg rep with all of these grills on my back deck. Soon, I plan on purchasing a Weber kettle for charcoal grilling and perhaps a bigger smoker so that I can begin making jerky again.

Thanks for providing this board in order to gain information and foster the sharing of ideas. I look forward to joining in on the discussions in the future.



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