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Very short ribs

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Post Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:50 pm
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For some reason the processor cuts my short ribs into squares instead of leaving them English or flanken style.

Since I was going to grill them indirect I set up a drip pan and filled it with some Johnny's Au Jus, some mirepoix, and some limp herbs I found in the fridge.

After they were done they reminded me of Lyle Lovett. :wink:

I thought the sauce would reduce more but I still had lots of liquid so I strained it into a pan and reduced it that way. The vegetables and herbs were quite spent!
Image Image

The sauce was already seasoned and flavored so the ingredients I added boosted things up a bit. In retrospect a little less tarragon would've been good, as it was almost too noticeable in the end product. More noticeable than even the rosemary.

Overall the short ribs were very good. I didn't season them with anything other than salt or pepper and because of the sauce I didn't use any smoke wood, but they still picked up a little bit of a smoke ring and had a good beef flavor. They did keep a little bit of chew but they definitely weren't tough, nor were they overcooked to the point of falling apart.

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