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FREE E-Book & Tailgating Live Video Event with Steven!

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Enjoy the BBQ U experience online with the Barbecue University™ Gold Plate Tailgating Live Video Event.

Join Steven Raichlen this Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 4 p.m. EST / 1 p.m. PST for an exclusive and free live video event, powered by Shindig, where he will demonstrate how to make the ultimate tailgating recipes:

Bacon-Cheddar Poppers
Mile-Long Smoked Bratwurst Sandwich
The Raichlen Cheese Steak
Rasta Shrimp

The tailgating demonstration will be followed by a live question-and-answer period from the audience.

RSVP NOW to receive the video information for the event. Click this link to RSVP by filling out and submitting the form that's on that RSVP page:

PLUS! Those who RSVP and attend the online video event will even receive a FREE copy of Steven Raichlen's e-cookbook Raichlen's Tailgating!

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'Tailgating Live Video' was a total bust for me. Multiple exits and re-entry of name/e-mail followed by "Connecting you now***" resulted in no connection. Multiple e-mails for tech. assistance was delayed until after the video conference was ended (1:30 pm PST), with the ridiculous suggestion to use the 'Chrome' browser with their appalling data collection policies instead of my I.E. with ALL updates, and to use a direct ethernet connection instead of my WiFi home network connection, which currently my computer is the only active device on the network, AND which is fast enough for streaming Netflix videos without buffering!

As I have had NO PROBLEM with any other sites videos, I consider this method to be less than desirable for future video conferences. I would much rather have a YouTube video link.

Since I was not connected, can you e-mail me a link to the free e-book download anyway, and if you can provide a link to a different site that will show this 'Tailgating' video, I would greatly appreciate it.

donald18 at dslextreme dot com

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I was able to watch the show but then it cut out during the Q&A part. Will it all be posted onyoutube or something so we can watch it later?How do I get the free ebook?

Cactus1 well done
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I had a "family day" and missed this event. Is there a way to go back and view it and also still be able to get the ebook?
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Donald1800, we're sorry you weren't able to view the live video. I know it could be viewed over WiFi and multiple browsers, including Firefox and Safari, so I don't know why there was an issue when you tried with IE. I'm going to share your comments with tech support at Shindig, which powered the live video event.

In the meantime, the recording of the Gold Plate Tailgating live video is available here:

We recommend watching the video full screen.

On that video page, you'll also find other Steven Raichlen recipe videos.

Last, everyone who attended the event (or tried to attend it) already received their copy of the e-cookbook Raichlen's Tailgating!, so you should have received it as well. If you didn't, please let me know.

Thanks as always for being such a supportive fan of Steven Raichlen and

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The recording of the live Gold Plate Tailgating event is now available here for everyone to view, whether you attended the live event or not:

We recommend watching the video full screen.

On that video page, you'll also find other Steven Raichlen recipe videos.

Last, everyone who attended the event already received their copies of the e-cookbook Raichlen's Tailgating!. If you tried to attend the event but couldn't due to a technical reason, you should have already received the e-book as well. If you didn't receive your copy, please let me know.

Unfortunately, we can't offer the free e-book to individuals who didn't attend the event; however, we hope to offer more promotions and live video events in the future, so stay tuned for those updates on

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