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What Is your Favorite Seasoning For Grilling?

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hickory pete well done
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What is your favorite seasoning for grilling? I would have to say that Garlic is at the top of my list, along with salt and pepper. I try to use garlic on anything that it is practical to put it on. It's also pretty hard to find a recipe that does not include salt. Where would we be without both salt and garlic? I even have a "Garlic Book" that has a lot of very good recipes. What's your favorite??

Post Wed Dec 10, 2003 11:43 am
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
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On my kitchen table at all times there is a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a sea salt grinder, and a pepper mill filled with a pepper blend. These are often transported to the grill as well. Garlic is indispensible. I'm a big fan of Emeril's Essence, which I make and keep in mass quantities. I also like Montreal Steak seasoning by McCormick. Old Bay is also used heavilly. Cumin and Mustard are also important to have around. Throw in some hot sauces and you're all set!

Post Wed Dec 10, 2003 11:47 am
hickory pete well done
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We use extra virgin olive oil on anything practical over here. That's another good one I wouldn't want to be without.

Post Wed Dec 10, 2003 3:17 pm
stripegrill medium

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My favorites are salt, pepper, garlic and lemon pepper. Lemon pepper is especially good on chicken. I also like to add some fresh lemon juice to the chicken when I make it this way.

Post Wed Dec 10, 2003 5:38 pm
chagan well done
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I think that most of my favorites have been covered. I would like to throw in hot hungarian paprika, chili powder, oregano, allspice, and cyan pepper. Also, my co-worker gave me a nice Morrocan blend called Ras El Hanout. It basically is a blend of spices that the owner of the store throws together as a kind of special "House" spice blend. It is quite tasty and gives a flavor which can only be described as exotic. I think that it will go well with some type of yogurt, or perhaps sour cream marinade.

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Post Thu Dec 11, 2003 11:03 pm
MaxDog rare

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Steve's Java Rub from HTG is my favorite way to fix rib eye -- let the flavors get happy for a few hours and yum.

Chicken breast and pork tenderloin is great with a rub I got from food networks Rachel Ray -- she calls it Israeli spice rub -- paprika, cumin, coriander, oregano, salt, red pepper.
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Post Fri Dec 12, 2003 1:29 am
ThrRoff well done
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I have lots of favorite seasonings for grilling, but I haven’t seen this one mentioned. Take lots of kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion, and the secret – fresh ground cardamom. Rub the mixture on chicken and grill……..Ahhhhh

Post Fri Dec 12, 2003 11:32 am
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My wife's family makes a spice mix they call ‘creole’ (seems everyone has a creole). I’ve never bothered to ask what they put in it. We use it as a salt substitute. It contains some salt but you ingest less when it’s in a mix such as this. The kids love it and put it on everything, in moderation, meat and vegetables alike. We also use it when grilling as it adds a bold spicy flavor to food. Since buying Steven’s books I have been trying new rubs and spices. I may be set in my ways in many other things but I relish variety when it comes to eating. So far they have all been my favorite!

Post Sat Dec 13, 2003 12:20 am
Luke medium-rare

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Well I have to concur concerning salt. Kosher is my style. (Only for salt though) I also like cinnamon with pork.. Paprika with chicken and nothing on beef.
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Post Sat Dec 13, 2003 10:19 am
hickory pete well done
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In addition to others, I use a seasoning mix that I get from Meijer. "Tony Chackere's Original Creole Seasoning". It can be used on anything. It's used in place of salt.

Post Sat Dec 13, 2003 9:14 pm
dkirn well done
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Sea salt and a pepper blend are a must - both are in grinders so we get the fresh flavor. Olive oil is also nice to give that crispy outside to chicken.

Post Tue Dec 16, 2003 11:44 am
Airfoils well done
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Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper as a base for just about anything. I like Steve's Basic BBQ rub and his cajun rub is IMHO superior to Emeril's Essence. Steve; if anything, really does excel at mixing spices as I've noted before, and you could do yourself a favor and give a number of his rub recipes and marinades a try. Your pallete will thank you for the education and you'll find your ability to tweak your seasonigns enhanced.

As a side note. In some other thread I mentioned a commercial blend I use on my chicken wings by JK's which is a restaurant found on the Outer Banks of NC famous for it's awesome ribs. It's actually a rib rub but one day I decided just for experimenting's sake to use it on my wings and thought it divine. Their number is: 877-224-7651. Spray wings with apple cider (or your choice of liquid), lightly dust with seasoning and let marinate for 30 minutes. Cook wings indirect on medium-high. I find an accompaniment of oak/pecan smoke finishes them off nicely.

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