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Old Smoker wrote:
I understand that they suggest you put a pack of wet wipes in the freezer though before you need to use the can the next day..J/K :shock:
Many years ago - almost 29, to be exact - I was swilling beer and munching chiles and was told that the next morning I might be looking for a block of ice on which to sit. A remarkably spot-on prediction if there ever was one. :shock: :wink: :lol:

Old Smoker well done
well done

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I read a little about fermenting pepper sauce but it required more than just vinegar, salt and peppers so I decided not to go there. I usually run mine through a small grinder until it looks like a mash then add vinegar to cover and into the fridge for a couple of weeks before I start sampleing. I do use more than peppers, vinegar and salt but thats a whole other topic.
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