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B&B Charcoal - And Now, The Rest of the Story

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Steve D medium

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Some of y'all may remember the B&B Charcoal discussion from a few weeks back. Cliff's Notes version - I got a bad bag of B&B charcoal, smoke smelled like coal, made burgers taste like coal. Mixed reviews here on the board. I sent an e-mail to B&B and they sent me 2 - 20lb bags of charcoal.

Fast forward a few days. I finally finished up the last bag of RO I had open (worst bag of RO I've had BTW, lots of rocks, mostly little pieces of lump, lots of dust...seems like I've got some bad charcoal mojo going on lately) so I dumped in a load of the B&B to give it another try. We've cooked on it three times now with great results. No sparking to speak of, the smoke smells like good hardwood smoke and our food has turned out great.

I can say two things for the B&B charcoal folks...they stand behind their product and have great customer service. Will be good to have an alternative to RO and once the new Academy Sports is finished here in Newnan hopefully will same me some trips to WallyWorld.

ScreamingChicken BBQ Deputy
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It's always good to hear about a company that stands behind its products. And it's also good to hear that the funky charcoal was apparently just a fluke!

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