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Cheap chicken chow-down

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Post Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:03 am
ScreamingChicken BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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As much as I like a nice steak or dinner at a local restaurant when I'm eating by myself, occasionally I do have to be a bit more frugal and this past Saturday was one of those times.

It started with a package of drumsticks that were not only priced nice but seasoned as well.

There was a leftover baked potato in the fridge so I sliced it and placed the pieces in the bottom of the buttered drip pan before hanging the drumsticks in the rack.
Image Image

I don't remember exactly how long they cooked but the 375-degree temperature made sure they were quite thoroughly cooked.

Time to eat! The drumsticks had a great crispy skin and the potatoes were flavored with the dripping fat and seasonings, and even though the fat falls off the meat stays moist and flavorful.

Post Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:20 am
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well done
well done

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I like!!! You know, Brad, I'll sometimes buy chicken leg drums and treat them just like wings, as they are so much cheaper than wings. :D
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