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Simple Healthy Weeknight Cook

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Post Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:23 am
Griffin well done
well done

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Was trying to keep it healthy last night. And simple. And not have to go to the store. Grilled chicken breasts, Roasted Cauliflower and a salad. And some liquid lubricant of the brown variety to help it go down. ;)

Started off by firing up the Mini, flattened some chicken breasts and seasoned them down with some CanCooker All Purpose Seasoning that I got at the Plano Fest. I'm not sure what the CanCooker is, but I thought I'd give their seasoning a try.

While the Mini was warming up, I started prepping some cauliflower for a roasted cauliflower recipe. I've heard that cauliflower has all kinds of things and stuff that are good for you. I need all of that I can get.


I hate winter. I can't get a decent shot of things on the Egg at night. Maybe I should hate myself for not figuring out how to photo things better.

Served it up with the cauliflower and a salad. Healthy, huh?

The chicken turned out to be a bit too salty. Guess I was a little heavy handed with the seasoning. What surprised me, though, was that the cauliflower was the star of the show. I've never been a big fan of cauliflower, but this stuff was good. I even went back for seconds. And packed some for lunch today.


So, now that I've had good cauliflower, I'm more interested in it. Anybody have a good recipe for grilling it up?

Post Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:00 am
ScreamingChicken BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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Mmmmm...cauliflower! When I do it in a grill basket I like to keep it simple with just some oil and salt and pepper, whereas with broccoli I like to occasionally add sesame, soy, or garlic. Mushrooms make a nice filler, too. And though it's not grilling, pasta sauce with cauliflower in place of pasta is pretty good.

I don't much care for chicken breasts unless they've been flattened a bit to be more uniform. They cook up faster and seem less likely to dry out, but I agree that a light touch with the seasoning is necessary.

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