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Pork Loin and Stuffed Chicken Breasts (pix)

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I decided to grill up a lot of food tonight in order to pack lunches for this week. I also want to go deer hunting after work this week, so this will make things a ton easier. Even after packing up 7 meals, I still have half of the pork loin leftover. I will probably use that half for sandwich meat for a later date.

The chicken breasts were butterflied and flattened out with a meat hammer. They were then dusted with Sucklebusters Hoochie Momma and stuffed with Sauteed Spinach, Mushrooms and Feta Cheese.



The pork loin was simply dusted down with Weber Steak n' Chop Seasoning.



I took the internal temp of the pork loin to 150 deg was nice and juicy! Gonna be eatin' like a king for lunch this week! :D
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That looks excellent Dyal! I really like the nice even color you got on them. I haven't done pork on the Egg, yet but I'm guessing it must come out incredibly moist.

I don't think it's dear hunting season up here yet, but after this weekend I should probably invite you up when it is. Friday I was mowing my lawn on my lawn tractor and one ran by me like I was standing still. I was power washing the front of my house yesterday afternoon and was being watched by 3 deer who were feasting on crabapples from my crabapple tree. They were pretty brazen: they had to come within 20 feet of me to get the crabapples, but my back was turned. Today when I was grilling they were watching me from the woods about 25 feet away. I had this strange feeling I was being watched and I heard branches crackling every so often. I eventually saw them although it was hard because their coloring just about matched the trees.


I could have you up here to bag some deer and perhaps I could persuade you to give me a few lessons on the BGE. Oh deer, whatever would we cook? :wink: Doe! I know:venison.


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i havent done stuffed chicken in a while.
this has given me pause.
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Hey Dyal,

Can I come over for lunch? I won't stay long :lol:
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