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griiling over wood

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Post Sat Nov 08, 2003 8:14 pm


I've always just used charcoal with good enough results. Now I'd like to grill over wood.
Is it really just as simple as replacing charcoal with wood for fuel??
I've tried just that , but its just too fustrating. Flare ups, inconsistent heat, and it burns out faster than charcoal. What am I doing wrong? Should I chuck the chunks and go for soaked chips to get that smokey flavor?


Post Sat Nov 08, 2003 11:19 pm
ThrRoff well done
well done

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The key to grilling over a wood fire is to be patient and build your fire so you have a big really hot bed of coals. You then will have a consistent fire that should last long enough for grilling something…a nice thick steak.

Post Sun Nov 09, 2003 12:02 pm
Airfoils well done
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You are going to use more wood than charcoal. Use 2 chimneys. Usually I only use wood for grilling not barbecueing with a few exceptions. Wood and lump burns hotter than briquettes so it needs to be replenished more often. Start with 2 chimneys and depending on what you're doing, have one to start another batch if needed. Also, be sure to set up heat zones so you can move your food away from the flame when you have flare ups.

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