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Post Tue Jul 01, 2003 9:01 pm

Can anyone recommend a good 3 burner gas grill at an economical price? And where did you get it?

Post Tue Jul 01, 2003 10:20 pm
Luke medium-rare

Posts: 89
Location: Texas

Cook's Illustrated/Consumer Reports just reviewed gas grills and the Weber Genesis Silver A came in at number 1 - It is $350 - I don't know if that counts as economical.

Post Wed Jul 02, 2003 8:09 am
Tex rare

Posts: 13
Location: College Station, TX
I've got the Genesis Silver B and love it. Years ago my dad realized it was better to spend money on a quality grill than the cheap ones. The cheap ones were not lasting long at all, and did not cook as well. He loves his weber and bought me one last summer.

Post Wed Jul 02, 2003 10:21 am

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I have been happy with my Charbroil big easy 3 burner/ I think it was (and is on sale now) $249 with Side Burner and cast iron two-sided grate. The burner tents flips over to hold a smoker chip ouch too, altho I have not had much success yet smoking. I think I need to turn the burner lower.

Post Wed Jul 02, 2003 11:47 am
stripegrill medium

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Location: St. Charles, IL
I too am looking at a new grill, specifically the Weber Silver B or C. Does anyone have thoughts on the need for side burners?

Post Wed Jul 02, 2003 12:31 pm
Tex rare

Posts: 13
Location: College Station, TX
I know a lot of people who have a side burner and use it once or twice and never again. At times I wish I had one to warm sauce and some things, but I am fine without it. The extra work space you get without having the burner is nice.

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