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Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:08 pm
mbshop well done
well done

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asked this also on the wsm list. wasn't paying attention when it was discussed. what are the pro and cons of gas burners being left to right vs front to back like weber.? seems like left to right makes more sense but weber must know something to make theirs front to back. i'm looking to get a used old weber and don't want to regret it later. thanks,
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Post Mon Nov 12, 2007 12:08 am
YardBurner BBQ Deputy
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I like my burners running from the control panel (Front) to the rear of the grill. Let's call it vertically.

VS. burners that have control knobs on the side and the burners run from right to left. (Horizontal)

Summits run from knob to back.
Genesis run from right to left.

It just makes more sense to to work on a grill that is laid
out like a stove. ie. The knob controls the burner directly behind it.

My old Kenmore has six front ot back burners.
Indirect is a cake walk.

I can fire the outside 2 on high and the next 2 inner on med or low, with the 2 middle off and control the heat to withing 10* of where I want it.

On a grill, that's near perfect control.
(Just wish it would get a little hotter on high)
That's what the Kettle's for. :wink:
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Post Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:09 am
TX Sandman well done
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I've cooked on both a Genesis and a Summit, doing both indirect and direct on each grill. Front to back (vertical) is a *whole* lot better, IMO, due to the shape of the zones created with the burners.

The average gas grill is shaped like a rectangle. Vertical burners create large zones to work with. Horizontal burners create longer, thinner zones of heat.

Summit (burners front to back) - Indirect was very easy to do. Just turn on the outside burners and you have a big center section for food. And direct was easy, with the zones being large and pretty well defined.

Genesis (burners side to side) - Indirect was more difficult to do, due to the shape of the zones. It was tough doing a chicken, IMO, as the thinner zone made it tough to keep the bird from hanging over the heat. Direct was also a little more difficult for this reason, as the thinner zones made me work a little harder to get a good finish on the chix breasts I was doing at the time.

Strictly my opinions and experiences. YMMV. Hope this helps.

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