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How To Grill - Unbelievable

Share your war stories, your successes, and how Steven's books have changed your cooking from charburgers to grilling magic.
Post Sat Aug 30, 2003 3:01 pm
hickory pete well done
well done

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I bought the "How To Grill" book today. All I can say, is that it is unbelievable. I started to read the book, starting at the beginning, and found it hard to put down. This book is full of so many tips, and recipes, not to mention the great pictures. There are so many interesting recipes that seem so delicious, that it is difficult which one to pick first. Really great book, and I plan on buying the others (one at a time).


Post Tue Sep 09, 2003 10:33 pm

I purchased this book for my husband this summer. I had just spent $30.00 on ribs and I didn't want these to turn out like the charcoal he made out of the ribs the last time. Well, at first, he got his feelings hurt. I should have known better then to come between a man and his grill but, it had to be done. Grudgingly, he used to book to cook the ribs and miracle of miracles, I was the most brilliant wife around for giving him this book. We have both read it cover to cover and now, he doesn't even light his grill unless he has his book in hand. Who knew a cookbook could be so life altering? He decided to attempt smoking a brisket this past weekend for his birthday. Everyone was shocked that he had actually smoked it on his gas grill and I must confess, this was the best brisket I have EVER had in my life! It was so tender and juicy and the flavor just blew your socks off. I am seriously thinking of retiring my kitchen stove and oven and letting him take over the cooking from now on. If anyone out there hasn't received this book yet, DROP EVERYTHING AND GO OUT AND GET IT! You will not be sorry you did.

Post Wed Dec 10, 2003 2:55 pm

Absolutley the best grilling book ever :D

Post Wed Dec 10, 2003 11:38 pm
hickory pete well done
well done

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I agree that, in my opinion, this is Steven's best book ever. It will be interesting to see what he comes out with next.

Post Fri Dec 12, 2003 1:25 pm
TOMP rare

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I belive that BBQ bible & diffenitly BBQ USA followed How To Grill. I do agree that HTG is one of the better if not the best bbq book. With the great pictures and techniques, it's hard not to be a better griller then before!

Post Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:26 pm
GBitto rare

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I got the How-To-Grill book for Christmas - I couldn't put it down either. There is a down-side to this book however - WHAT TO MAKE NEXT AND HOW NOT TO GAIN WEIGHT :lol: Great book - Thanks Steve.

Post Sun Feb 22, 2004 1:04 am
thumper rare

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I have to put my two bits in - How to Grill is a gem. It doesn't exist to market a bunch of proprietary sauces by the author. What it does try to do is relay successful cooking techniques and teach real METHODS that work. And it succeeds, big time. Reading this book has gotten me off my butt to buy a charcoal bbq to accompany the gas grill. After 2 meals I'm hooked. Picked up a big bag of lump charcoal today and look forward to the boneless pork shoulder that is resting in Basic Barbecue Rub overnight. On the left coast of Canada, we do bbq in February.

Post Sun Feb 22, 2004 9:43 am
hickory pete well done
well done

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Thumper..Welcome to the board. You're right about "How To Grill". It is well written with great pictures. If you're like many of us here, this is just the beginning to the grilling experience. Before you know it, you'll want to buy the rest of Steven's books. In addition, search the sight for many great ideas.


Post Sat Jun 19, 2004 11:32 pm
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BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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My former favorite BBQ book was Smoke and Spice, which got quickly replaced by the Barbecue Bible. However, How To Grill now holds the coveted place of honor as my favorite BBQ book ever. It is absolutely incredible!

It's also the book I give to all my BBQing friends and relatives on their birthdays. I've given it out to 10 guys so far, with no complaints - especially from their wives, who thank me every summer now that their food isn't cremated!

Thanks again, Steven!

Post Thu Jul 08, 2004 12:45 pm

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Hello all,

We bought How To Grill shortly after we bought a
CharBroil Big Easy grill.
It's my favorite cookbook now!
I've made the ribs, whole grilled salmon, beer can chicken, and others....
I use this cookbook at least once a week. 8) 8)

BTW, has anyone made the grilled cabbage or grilled lettuce?


It's never too cold to grill!!

Post Sun Jul 11, 2004 5:39 pm

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Evening everyone ! My very first post on this forum, and it's the very first weekend I've used this book. Fantastic. I bought it because I thought it was about time I learned how to use the grill for more than just burgers - and boy, yesterday we did beer-can chicken, and today a beautiful rotisserie'd joint of beef.

Back in the UK we never really grilled much - not many good grills in the shops, unreliable weather etc. Here in Canada we're grilling most days, and we love it. It's a whole new world of flavour.

Post Mon Jul 12, 2004 5:13 am
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BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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From a fellow Canadian- it's great to see you here. Welcome to the forum.

And you're right- not much grilling in the UK. I lived in Dundee, Scotland for 2 years, and even though the city has a seaside park with 10-15 cast-iron grills no one used them till I showed a few folks how to use one (and most of that effort was simply finding a good charcoal supplier as well as a good butcher). Of course, once I'd taught 10 or 20 people how to BBQ, things went from there.

Stick around- there are plenty of us Canucks on this forum. You'll have a lot of fun here!

Post Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:33 pm
Big D well done
well done

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Welcome... And ya right about all of us Canadians here eh... we just love to grill

Post Sat Aug 14, 2004 2:18 pm

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I just purchased How to Grill a week ago and now im out every night bbqing!
I owned The BBQ Bible before but How to Grill is a great start for Steven Raichlen!
Now I find I enjoy my Barbecue Bible way more than I didnt before! How to Grill shows you how to enjoy all those wonderful recipes!
Thanks Steven! Keep up the great books

p.s. : great to see all you Canadians here! Where do you live in BC thumper?
There are two different types of RIBs. Both are good.
One kind you eat, the other you steer through the waves.

Post Sun Sep 05, 2004 1:04 am
shilo101 raw

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Ive had How to Grill for a bit over a year now, and I've got to say that it changed the way I look at cookbooks. It made me realize that there is one thing that 98% of the cookbooks on the shelves of most stores are missing... Pictures, pictures, and a few more pictures. A fair portion of the appeal of any meal is the presentation, and I dont see how any cookbook expects us to be attracted to any food recipe that we cant see! The sheer volume of step by step pictures in How To BBQ not only made it one of my most used cookbooks, it also raised the bar for what I look for in a cookbook.

Thank you Steven.


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