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Weber vs. Charbroil

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Post Wed Aug 27, 2003 6:42 pm

I am preparing to purchase a 22.5 inch charcoal grill. Can anyone tell me the differences between the Weber brand as opposed to the Charbroil brand? They are about the same price. Anyone know any significant difference between the 2?

Post Mon Oct 06, 2003 3:33 pm
PaulP well done
well done

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I don't have any direct experience with the CharBroil charcoal grill (didn't know they made one, thought they stuck to gas), I can tell you generally that Weber grills are top quality and well known for it. Many people tell of cooking frequently on one for 15 years. My experience with CharBroil is likmited to their gas grills, and I find them distinctly inferior. They are made of thin metal, and are generally cheaply made. They are, however, much cheaper than the Weber grills. If the CharBroil is close in price to the Weber, get the Weber, no question.


Post Mon Oct 06, 2003 4:05 pm
wfd146 rare

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Get the Weber dude!

I have a 22.5" charcoal and a Genesis Gold B and I'm very happy with both. You won't be dissapointed. My neighbor has a Weber charcoal that is over 20 years old, and still does it's job!

Post Sat Oct 11, 2003 10:23 am
Airfoils well done
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My Weber 22.5" Bar-B-Kettle is 12 years old and I cooked on it 3-4 times a week in season and 2-3 times a week off-season up until last year when I purchased a Weber 22.5" Platinum which is my main grill now but the Bar-B-Kettle is now outfitted with a rotisserie ring and still going strong! I should also mention that over that period of time it did not have the benefit of a cover. I also have a Weber Smokey Mountain. No complaints about any of them and the support Weber offers is tremendous. Not to mention they have a wide range of accessories you'll find useful. Speaking of accessories, be sure and get a chimney starter, some parafin cubes and some hardwood lump charcoal if you can find it. Weber also makes a great refillable torch.

Do yourself a favor and buy the Weber. You'll be glad you did a decade from now. :D

When it comes to BBQ tools however, (tongs, spatula, fork) the best I have found are Williams-Sonoma.

Post Sat Oct 11, 2003 12:07 pm
Pierre rare

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The Brinkman Professional grill would be my choice.
Large (huge!)cooking area. . .big enough to keep your wood fire away
from your food, 2 quality cast iron cooking grates, professional quality
thermometer, raise and lower the fire grate by the use of a sturdy locking
handle, front door to add fuel without loosing heat by opening the
lid, 4 wheels(2 locking), bottom storage shelf, 2 collapsable
sideshelves, rotisserie ready, and the sucker is built like a tank.
$148.00 last year at Samsclub. Blows the Weber away.

Have a peek at its manual:

Post Sat Oct 11, 2003 6:05 pm
dkirn well done
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Well I do not have any personal experience with either one, but I have to agree with the previous post - I drool over the Brinkman every time I am at Sam's

Post Sun Oct 12, 2003 8:45 pm
Airfoils well done
well done

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I bought one of their bullet smokers some time ago and it was the biggest pile of crap I ever cooked on. Ended up on our curb with a "Take Me" sign. No takers but the garbage man. Maybe the one you're talking about is fine but I'll likely not make another Brinkman purchase for a long time.

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