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Beef bottom round ideas?

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Post Fri Oct 03, 2003 8:18 pm

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Hey, glad I found this place of like minded people! I need some suggestions. My wife found a great deal on some bottom round roasts . Each is about 13 1/2 lbs. I have both a smoker and gas grill available. Any ideas on recipes for a big football sunday? Thanks! :)
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Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 7:04 pm
phillyjazz well done
well done

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Ever had Northern Maryland / Lower Delaware style Pit Beef ?? Basically, you cook a roast over direct heat, and periodically slice off the cooked bits and dunk them in a pot of BBQ sauce and serve. Repeat the process until the roast is gone.

You pretty much always get some crisp edges and some rare slices, but it does require a bit of attention.

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