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I fixed My Brinkmann Pit Professional lid

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The smoker was a gift so I can't grip. The lid was warped when a BBQ'er decided to use the grill as a campfire pit. I had about a half inch gap at the bottom and it was not sealing correctly. Smoking was a waste of time without control over the heat. I remedied the problem by fabricating two spring loaded handles that would hold the smoker lid closed. I got tired of using rocks to hold the lid closed.

If yours has a gap try this instead of throwing it away. Maybe it will work for you. Be sure to wear safety glasses since the spring was very un-cooperative.

Supplies needed were 2 1/4 x 21/2 threaded bolts, 2 regular threaded hex nuts, 2 nylon inserted hex nuts, 4 3/4 flat washers, 2 1/4 lock washers, 2 handles (fab your own), and finally 2 very stiff 3 inch springs.

Close the lid and use a punch to mark 2 starter holes 3/4 inch to the left and right edges of the lid. Use a 1/4 drill bit and drill holes. Insert bolt from the inside out. Assemble handle, washer, threaded hex nut, and tighten so as bolt will not move. Then insert spring, washer, lock washer, threaded insert nut onto the bolt It was a job to get the last nut started, but use a socket and press hard to start nut. Being careful not to cross thread the nut. Once the nut is started back off the first nut that is locking the bolt, about 1/2 inch. If you do not back off the first nut, the handle will not be able to move across lid. Tighten the nylon inserted nut to the desired tension to keep lid closed. I had about 1/4 exposed on the bolt

Once the gap was closed, the temp seemed pretty consistent when cooking, and the chimmey actually works.

Good luck and happy BBQ'n

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