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Thermometer for Weber Kettle Grill

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Post Mon Jul 05, 2004 11:47 pm
willisamrhein medium

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In the latest version of BBQ University on PBS, I saw Steven using a Weber Kettle grill that had a thermometer under the lid handle. Does anyone know where this can be purchased and added to my Weber 22.5 inch Platinum Kettle. I have looked at Weber's website as well as many internet mail order companys and no luck.

I love this grill, but I wish it had a built in thermometer. I smoked a turkey on it today and although it came out perfect, it was done much quicker than anticipated. I assumed the temperature within the grill was a little hotter than it was supposed to be. The turkey was still excellent, I just had to really scramble to get the sides finished and consequently they were not as good as they could have been.

Thanks for the help.

Post Tue Jul 06, 2004 12:00 am


Not that hard to install a thermometer. Actually 2 options:

1. Leave the themometer loose, ie, not attached to anything, insert it through the vent hole during cooking for monitoring temp.

2. Drill a hole slightly smaller then the stem of the themometer. Drill the hole in the location that is similar that in the lid of the Grill to "Specialty Grill Section" at
Use Mastik (soft pliable material that people use to seal windows in winter) at the base of thermometer to hold it in place and you are all set.

Good Luck

Hinsdale, IL

Post Tue Jul 06, 2004 3:20 am
Don Marco well done
well done

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If you want the same lid (its only on the Performer and Master Touch Kettles),
call Weber customer Service and tell em you want a replaement lid for your performer.

Might cost you some bucks though.

Don Marco

Post Tue Jul 06, 2004 7:14 am
missing link well done
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I to like the thermometer on the lid this is on the grill the perfomer that weber has. I order the thermoneter ket they told me that it would be able to fit all i would have to do is change out the handle will the sell guy was worge so I had to send it back. I did do a little looking and the bowl on our the grill our the same part numbers as the perfomer the lid assenbly have diffence part number but i think they will work and the last time i call on this the lid would cost $ 50.00.

hope this help,
missing link.
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