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Weber Genesis Silver B advice

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Post Mon May 17, 2004 7:52 am
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Big D wrote:
But keep in mind, I know plenty of people (particuarly younger ones) who dont enjoy the smokey flavour and pinkish smoke ring colour in the meat. Gas is oderless and near tasteless and you might enjoy that.... the same goes for charcoal grills.. while it takes longer to start, is messy and harder to control heat: after using it several times and using things such as the chimmney starters it really isnt that bad and I kinda like a little mess.

That's a great point. I never thought that grilling could fall into one of the different instances of generation gap. Where a socioligist when we need one. The age demographics of gas vs. charcoal? I'll be young and old prefer gas while the middle prefers charcoal. With the "health nuts" shying away from smoked and charcoal.

I don't want a debate here I just thought it a really neat observation.


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