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Ceramic brickets

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Post Sat May 01, 2004 9:58 am
Airfoils well done
well done

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BBcue-Z wrote:
Airfoils wrote:

LOL, they claim grill surfaces are 'unsanitary'

I don’t care what they claim. Nothing can survive 600-700 degrees of heat. Anyway, I only use the sheets on the lower grate for easy clean up. They also generate quite a bet of smoke. That makes them convenient and functional in my book.
I know that you’re a charcoal fan; I’ve also used them on my charcoal grill. They make clean up easy, and they won’t allow small lumps to fall through the grate.

I just thought it was funny that they're trying to hawk their product with such a blatant lie. Anyway, I also use 2 grates 90 degrees to each other. Just MHO but my Weber Platinum is plenty easy to clean with a flick of the one touch mechanism. Using this is just unnecessary but I'm sure it has its fans with gassers.

Post Sat May 01, 2004 10:33 am
BullBurner rare

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Get me right on the flavorizor bars:

You totally scrap the gratethat holds the lava rocks or whatever you are using and intall the Bars over the burners? Or shoud you retain the grill rocks-brickets?

I will be retrofitting to a old Sunbeam gasser. Also, with this prevent the flame from "kissing" the meat?

Post Sat May 01, 2004 10:58 am
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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Scrap everything, just use the new bars.

It won't eliminate flare ups, but it will work better than anything else.


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