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Pork Loin

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Post Sat Jul 08, 2006 8:23 pm
eribac medium-rare

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I picked a 9lb pork loin to do on my CG tomorrow. I'm thinking about doing something similar to Steve's Tennessee Pork Loin, and was wondering if anyone here has tried this recipe and did they like the results?

I was thinking of doing in my CG using the SFB and try to maintain a temp in the 275 - 300 range. How long should I plan on this taking? I'm guess about 90- 120 minutes?

And what temp do you think I should pull it at? Steve's recipe says 160, but that seem pretty high to me. I do not want dry pork. I'm thinking of pulling it off at 145 and letting it rest for 30 minutes. What do you think?


Post Sun Jul 09, 2006 12:15 am
crmos8 well done
well done

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I haven't tried Steve's recipe, but you're on the right track with pulling it off the heat at 145 internal temp and letting it rest. There's no need to overcook pork to the higher temps anymore. Although..............I can tell you from many years experience in the restaurant biz, a lot of older, more set-in-their-ways folks will send pork back to the kitchen for more cooking if it has any trace of pink inside. You know,.........Pork, the other white meat. :? I've managed to convert my father to more rare pork, but my step-mom still takes hers to the very well-done stage. :roll: Try it at the lower temp, you can always put it back on the fire for a bit longer.
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