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what do you guys do with the leftover charcoal?

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Brett raw

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well i used my new weber 22" for the first time and all went well. The only thiing is when i filled my chimney starter up and dumped them into my kettle my steaks cooked quick, alot quicker then my old 2 burner gas. Anyway, got the new york strip steaks off the grill ( a little to well done i might add) and closed the grates. When i put the grill away later i noticed i still had alot of 1/2 sized charcoal briquettes(sp) left. What should or do you do with them? Hose them down with lighter fluid to get'em going? grab each piece, piece by piece and put it back into the chimney starter(sounds messy) ? what do you guys do? Also, as a side note, i guess im going to need a cover for it , i have the weber kettle 22" with the side tray, the orange store had covers but they were about $45, are they really worth it? If not? if so? Any recommendations. Thanks again all i really enjoy the board and look forward to grabbing more of everyone's great ideas!

Post Fri Apr 02, 2004 9:49 am
Airfoils well done
well done

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Hi Brett, I don't have covers for any of my Webers except my bullet which came with it. Besides, by the time it cools down to put a cover on I'm using it again anyway. I have an old Bar-B-Kettle that's pushing 14 years old and it still looks and works great and it's never had a cover. Of course, covers are essential for many grills, but not for a Weber kettle IMHO. For your charcoal, when you finish cooking, close all the vents to extinguish the fire immediately so you save as much fuel as possible so you can use it for your next session. If you get into lump, you'll have even more reason to do this. Rather than scoop it up and put it in the chimney, spread it out in the area you'll be using to cook and dump new hot coals on top of them. Since you already have these partially used coals, you won't have to fill your chimney as full or you can just have a hotter fire longer.

Post Fri Apr 02, 2004 1:42 pm
WeberBoy rare

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I agree with Airfiols:
when you finish cooking, close all the vents to extinguish the fire immediately so you save as much fuel as possible so you can use it for your next session.

On my next cook I scoop up the used charcoal (yes it's messy), put it in my chimney and then top it off with new charcoal. LIGHTER FLUID IS EVIL!! Messy is better than bad tasting food! Don't use it!

I also have a WSM but do not reuse charcoal in that. I take to used charcoal from the smoker and use it in my kettle. By using used charcoal in my smoker I have had temp control issues.

By the way - I use kingsford charcoal.

Good Luck.

Post Sat Apr 03, 2004 7:21 pm

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Hi Brett, Used charcoal can be sifted using a metal bucket and wire mesh placed inside it . If you use an ash shovel, the spent coals can easily be added to a dwindeling fire without too much hassle. The metal bucket comes in handy to place the red hot empty chimney starter. The Weber Platinum cover is'nt cheap but I find it worthwhile.

Post Mon Apr 05, 2004 3:50 pm

I used to use an old 3 pound coffee can with the resealable metal cover, years ago when that type of can was popular. Today with the plastic containers & the plastic lids that makes that impossible. Currently, when I am not using my propane grill and I am getting back to my grillin' roots I use a new, NEVER USED, one gallon paint can. NEVER, NEVER use a used paint can that contained paint or other solvents, not only an explosive situation but also the paint might give off toxic vapors that would contaminate the next batch of steaks. I generally pick up a new can at Sherwin Williams or other local paint store. They are relatively cheap, they stop the coals from burning rather quickly once they are sealed and have a convenient handle for carrying to the next location. And the contents never spills out during road trips, which is when I use the old Weber grill the most while camping.

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