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Nicaraguan churrasco steaks

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Post Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:59 am
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I received a copy of Steven's book Miami Spice for Christmas and last weekend I cooked out of it for the first time. I had some flat iron (shoulder blade) steaks that I wanted to do something with and I came across the recipe for Nicaraguan-style churrasco tenderloin on pages 231-232, although I didn't have time to make any of the accompanying sauces.


The marinade is pretty simple and I had most of the ingredients on hand, although I did have to buy the sherry and parsley.

The steaks marinated for a couple of hours before I put them on cast iron over lump charcoal.
Image Image

The marinade packs a lot of flavor and the parsley really does help reduce garlic breath! Between the 2 of us we polished off the steaks for Sunday lunch.
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