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Chargriller Outlaw w/ SFB vs Chargriller Smokin Pro

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I've been using a Duo w/SFB for a few years and love it for smoking a couple racks or a brisket or another small smoke. But now it's time for a new rig.

Should I go with the Outlaw W/ SFB and get the extra space or save a few bucks and go with the Smokin Pro?

Just wondering if you guys thought the extra grill space was worth the extra $$$.



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Hi. I've got an Outlaw w/SFB, loved it but it's a fuel hog to smoke with. I just use it now for big grilling (not smoking) tasks. For smoking, I'm UDS all the way.
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If you modify an Outlaw a bit, the fuel requirement go down a bit. All I've done so far on mine was to extend the chimney, flip the charcoal tray, add a few thermometers at grill level and toss in a charcoal basket, and it works fine. I'm going to be installing some fireplace gasket on mine this spring and that should improve it even more.

Toss in a couple of Traeger rib racks and the Outlaw will cook 16 slabs of ribs and a couple of BCCs at once so it's quite a workhorse. The Outlaw is also really good for grilling for a crowd and if you can find a big enough rotisserie it will even handle a whole small hog or lamb.

On the downside, it's tough to find a big enough cover and a sturdy enough rotisserie for the Outlaw, but that's no problem with a Smokin' Pro.

The only real question left, then, is do you need all that extra grill space?
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