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Post Sun Aug 17, 2003 3:19 pm

Any recommendations on grills that may stand up to a salt water environment

Post Mon Aug 18, 2003 8:35 am

I don't have a strong recommendation, but I have a suggestion or two instead. I have a Char-griller Pro that may work for you, using the following approach.

When you get your grill, season it according to the manufactuer's recommendations. Then, spray it with Pam or mop it with peanut oil. All over!! Inside and outside. For the outside just wipe on a thin coating of oil. Repeat the seasoning again.

Thereafter, periodically apply a new coat of oil while the grill is hot. Don't forget the underside, legs, etc. When the grill is cool, wipe off any excess.

When you assemble your grill, consider replacing the nuts, bolts, washer, etc. with stainless steel (if they aren't SS already). Take a list of the sizes and quantities needed to your local hardware store.

Promplty clean your grill after every cook!! Ashes are corrosive and the effect would be even worse in a salt air environment. Clean out the ash pan and lightly spray with Pam. Clean the grates and apply Pam or peanut oil.

Finally, try to store your grill indoors between uses. Plastic grill covers can cause condensation under the cover. If you can't store inside, cover the grill with a heavy blanket, large bath towels, etc. before putting on the plastic cover. If it's a while between cooks, uncover the grill periodically and turn the cover inside out to make sure everything is dry. Open the grill and let the sunshine evaporate any moisture that may have collected inside.

If you store your grill for the winter, put a container of those water absorbing crystals inside the grill. Available from home improvement centers. Be sure to check them once in a while to dump the accumulated water or dehydrate the crystals in the microwave. (What you do depends on the type crystals you use.)

Hope some of this is helpful.


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