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Mechoui of Lamb / Moroccan Grilled Pepper Salad / Rice Pilaf

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Post Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:19 pm
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jfm0830 wrote:
I really didn't believe your meal came from some pre-release copy of Steven's book, that is why I thought there might be an interesting story here. And there was. I am glad to see an accomplished chef prepared that combination too. I was looking for two sides to go with the lamb and have them be something that might actually be served with it. It is good to hear that what I picked was in the ballpark.

Actually a friend who makes a lot of Turkish food suggested the saffron rice. It was meant to have cherries in it, but I don't care for cherries. I would have put raisins in it, but my dad doesn't like those. Several of the reader comments mentioned cranberries were great and so it was.


Well, Jim, I'd say you were right on the money, not just in the ballpark. Those two sides are perfect for this type of lamb.

I've never heard about using cherries - even sour ones. Black currants were the usual fruit in most pilafs I've seen, and raisins would be the next most common. I'd go with the cranberries too - they're great in these types of dishes as they're not too sweet. Of course, you already know that.... :D
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