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Post Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:03 pm
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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Hey finchmob- Any man willing and able to put that type of list together needs to join and stick around.
We'd be happy to have ya!
Enjoy the insanity!

Post Wed Aug 04, 2004 5:01 pm
rjones raw

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Well, we had a meeting in downtown Atlanta and wanted to try the Fogo De Chau restaurant. I had researched where the restaurant was located and figured out that it was close to where we were and sort of on the way back to the office.
What an experience and thanks for the advice about the place! Now I do not need to eat for a few days.
It was a well run place with lots and lots of food. Yes it was a little high, but the food and quality was definitely worth the price. Especially when the company was picking up the check. The lunch price is $26.00. At night they highly suggest reservations. I got to talk to one of the people that run the place. She indicated that the beef ribs take about 8 hours to cook with a wood fire. All of the meats are flavored with a rub with no sauce being added at any time. The cooking style is open fire with the meat on a rotisserie sitting in the front window. That is a neat display as you walk by the store. Most of the other meats are cooked within an hour. You have a coaster that you turn over to the green side when you want more meat and to the red when you do not want any more. The people serving you are walking around the tables looking for whoever wants more meat. You get to choose what you want as they come to the table. I tried all of the various types and found the filet mignon was the best.

Post Wed Aug 04, 2004 5:29 pm
BigDawg rare

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Glad to hear you enjoyed Fogo. It is definitely an experience. Isn't that a great concept they have? Green light = bring more food, red light = leave me alone. If it were just that easy at all restaurants, we'd have it made.

Post Mon Aug 09, 2004 1:16 am
hotchef well done
well done

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Hey guys. Just wanted to report on how Atlanta went. Had a great time, but my wife got sick so we didn't do all we had planned, but still had a great time of rest. We went to Fogo and boy it was great. Great experience, great food, GREAT FRIED PLANTAINS! Only thing, very expensive. Not sure if I would go back, but definitely glad I went. I think that the best thing for a grillsman to visit in Atlanta, however, is the Dekalb Farmer's Market. That place is amazing. Found out about it online. Any spice, cut of meat, fish, vegetable, pepper, herb, syrup, oil, etc., you ever heard of but couldn't find is right there. Incredible place. We actually went twice while we were there. Anyways, thanks for all the advice. You guys are great.


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