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Post Sat Jul 17, 2004 6:50 pm
ayedude34 raw

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Can someone give me some advice on a good starter grill. Needs to be versitile because I wanna keep it for a while. Oh, and another the beer can chicken really that good ? I was channel surfing one day and came across Steven and BBQ U and Ive been transfixed every since. So I bought BBQ Bible and How To Grill and Im ready to dive in. Any suggestions ?
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Post Sat Jul 17, 2004 8:01 pm
SRH_21 medium

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As most hobbies, it depends on your budget. I have the Char-griller Super-Pro with the optional side fire box, I find this to be a very versatile grill, to grill or smoke. The price is good ($119 at Lowes) for what you get, and you can cook a lot of food at once or enough food for 2. The other grill that I have heard is good is the Weber One-Touch Gold, ... 751001&t=c. I have no experience with this grill, but have read a lot of good things. This grill seems to run about $160.

Post Sat Jul 17, 2004 10:51 pm
ThrRoff well done
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Welcome to the Board.

I would recommend any of the Weber kettle grills. They are very versatile, and Weber offers great customer support. And, yes, beer can chicken is really that good. Of all the ways to cook a whole chicken, I believe the beer can method results in the most seasoned and moist bird around.

I should add, that many here would recommend a gas grill to start with, and once again you can’t go wrong with any of the Webers.

Post Sun Jul 18, 2004 2:08 am
Vinsect well done
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Welcome to the group.
Weber Kettle and yep, it's really that good.
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Post Sun Jul 18, 2004 8:21 am
DarkRubiTJ medium-well

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Welcome to the addiction.

Chalk up another vote for the Weber Kettle. If I could only have one grill that would be a Weber 22 1/2 " One Touch Platninum. $199 street price although at $130 a One Touch Gold has most of the plats. features.
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Post Sun Jul 18, 2004 9:54 am
BBcue-Z well done
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Welcome to the board. I’m glad you joined us. This is the right place to find all info about BBQ. You can’t go wrong with either units, Weber or CharGriller. But if you planning on getting into smoking meats in the near future, the CharGriller will allow you to do so without having to add and maintain another unit. It’s a 2 in 1 unit. It can be used to grill as well as smoke. The Weber is also very versatile. You can pretty much cook anything in it with excellent results. You have to ask your self, what kind of method and how much food will I be cooking on my grill before deciding on the type of unit. The CharGriller will accommodate medium to large amounts of food and the Weber will accommodate small to medium amounts (depending on the model). Do the search under Weber and CharGriller on this site and you’ll find a wealth of info on both units.
I hope this helps.
Good luck and please share your new experience with us.

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