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The cabin used as a backdrop on the BBQ University TV show.

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What can you tell me about the cabin in the background of your show? writes viewer John Robards.

The cabin is called Howard's Creek Lodge. It's recently built, but with old barn materials and it sits on a creek that runs through the Greenbrier property. It's surrounded by one of the Greebrier golf courses and the Allegheny Mountains in the distance. The outdoor fireplace is killer.

Thanks for asking!

Hope you all are haviing a great weekend!

Steven Raichlen

Post Sun Jul 18, 2004 2:30 am
Vinsect well done
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Hey Steven,
Glad to see you posting again. I'm loving the TV show. Some of my Home Depot customers have seen it too. Your usually remembered most as "the guy with the sunglasses." Whoever makes your sunglasses, you should see about picking them up as a sponsor.
People seem to have a hard time remembering "Raichlen" but they remember Sunglasses, scruffy beard, denim shirt, and Barbecue Bible.
This is your first season on the Atlanta area market right? If so, your making your mark pretty well so far.

Seriously, check in to getting a sunglasses sponsor. :wink:
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