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Diesel fuel container?

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Post Mon Sep 24, 2007 11:26 am
baker well done
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Just having a little fun. People have been using these "containers" for years. Caterers, roadside stands, VFW halls, etc. I've never heard of a local board of health shut anybody down in my area (central MA) if they're doing it correctly.

I've seen other interesting views on park grills, the ones that are set permanently in the earth. Some people will not eat off of one of these at any time, citing they don't know what has been on it, or what anybody has "done" to it. Getting a good fire underneath one of these pretty much negates anything that could be damaging. Pre-cleaning of anything like this is a must before use. It just makes sense. The same with an oil tank. Clean it up, burn it off. Do it right.

Are you not concerned about the ill health effects of smoking food? Or the ill health effects of cooking over an open fire/flame/coals? It's well documented that all of this is not "good" for you. They say peppercorns are carcinogenic. Hasn't stopped me from grinding it on fresh.

To each I guess.

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Post Mon Sep 24, 2007 11:44 am
Kenny 13 well done
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Yeah, I hear ya. And I know getting a good fire going in most cases will get rid of anything that's harmful. However, there are many chemicals out there that, once they get absorbed into the metal will never burn out no mater how many times you burn it.

Also, any piping that has been used for processing oil & gas products raises concerns for NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials). Will this burn out? I really don't know, and unfortunately it's been nearly 10 years since I moved on from doing HSE work, so I've forgotten a lot of that stuff.

Just knowing the stuff that I had to go through with health & safety training, and the processes we had to use for disposal of used process piping, I am very concerned about the use of anything like that for cooking. There may be nothing to it, but you never know. If it were not for my emplayment history, I probably wouldn't even question this.

I too have never heard of anyone being shut down by any local health boards for using this type of equipment, but I also don't know of anyone who has voluntarily come out and said that they were cooking in a used oil tank. :lol:
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