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Porterhoouse on a charcoal grill - Another convert????

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Big D well done
well done

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WEll my Brinkman Pitmaster Delux I told you about arrived today.. I was very excited and ran out and bought some charcoal and a chimney starter and fired her up.k.. I couldnt resist I just had to cook something.... fourtunatly I had 2 1 1/2 inch thick Porterhouses sitting in my fridge I decided to use... but unforutnatly they were planned to be used for a special meal next week and I was using the at home dry aging process we learned about in an early post and didnt quite get to finish it ;) but man was it worth it!

I wouldnt say I am complete die hard convert but I love the taste and cant wait to get a BRisket or Pork Sholder... but I still love my D

Post Thu Jul 08, 2004 5:43 pm
jm42fan well done
well done

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Congrats on the new grill D. I can't wait to cook with charcoal again. Gas grill on weeknights & for over flow, charcoal on the weekends. YUMMY

Post Thu Jul 08, 2004 10:53 pm
pizzakngjr medium-rare

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BigD, Where is the dry againg post? I would like to read it...

And where did you get your porterhouses??? YUMMY!!

Post Thu Jul 08, 2004 11:08 pm
Vinsect well done
well done

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I've been wondering about aged meat vs fresh meat myself. Just hadn't gotten around to posting the question yet.
I must have missed that earlier post.
If it aint broke, Break it!
Then rebuild it better.

Post Fri Jul 09, 2004 12:43 am
vfxtrev medium-rare

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yeah, if someone could post some good info on aging meat and why you'd wanna do it, that would be awesome.



Post Fri Jul 09, 2004 1:26 am
Big D well done
well done

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Here is the link for dry aging beef at home : [url]

As for fresh versus dy-aged... I will take a dry age any day of the week that I can afford one.. You can loose upwards of 40% of the steaks original mass but it is much beefier taste and much more tender in my opinion... Many companies wet-age their steaks anyways when you get mailorder or the vacum sealed ones in the stores... so I like to get a fresh cut from my butcher and occassional I make a trip right to the farm slaughterhouse..... so I have started dry aging it as all my fav steakhouses do


Post Fri Jul 09, 2004 7:11 am
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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D I'd be really disappointed and lonely if you gave up your Summitt altogether. You're my brother at arms man! But I'm happy you're enjoying your new charcoal rig, I'm still loving my Chargriller too.

There are two great aging posts here


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