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Post Tue Jul 06, 2004 12:17 am
willisamrhein medium

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Location: Louisville, KY
Today I smoked a 15 pound turkey on my 22.5 inch Weber Kettle. I set the grill up for classic indirect grilling. I have the one-touch platinum that comes with fuel baskets and they were used on each side. The problem I ran into was that after three hours of smoking the fuel baskets were completely full and could no longer accomodate new charcoal. I have been using gas grills for years, but I have only been using charcoal grills and a very small barrel smoker for less than a year.

My question: Did I simply start with too much charcoal? I started by filling my chimney starter and then once the coasl were ready, dividing them equally amoung both sides. And I followed the recommedndations of Steven by replenishing the coals and wood chips every hour. It's a good thinkg the turkey was done in 3 hours, otherwise I would have had to remove it, remove the grate, empty the baskets, and start again with a new chimney starter.

Any suggestions?

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