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BBcue-z Add another to the list!!

This is the place to ask your BBQ questions, share information, and more.

Post Thu Jul 15, 2004 7:29 am
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pizzakngjr- See the Brisket ? Post. Mudx asked a similar question there.

Post Thu Jul 15, 2004 9:50 am
pizzakngjr medium-rare

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Ok the brisket is on the grill, I'll keep ya posted....

Post Sun Jul 10, 2005 2:16 pm
pudd raw

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Hey Z, I got a SuperPro without the smoker box last week and fired it up for the first time last night for my birthday BBQ. I was looking at your picture of the bcc and I can't figure out what it's sitting on. Is that the tray you put the coals on? I had to use my Weber last night cause I couldn't figure out the clearence issues. Also do you have any tips on how to get veg oil off of brick, cause I didn't know your tinfoil tip yet.

Post Sun Jul 10, 2005 3:02 pm
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Welcome to the board, I’m glad you’ve decided to join us.
I If you’re not using a SFB, then yes, you will have to leave the charcoal tray in, place the coals one the right side next to the vent, place 2-3 bricks wrapped in foil (stacked on top of each others) in the center of the coal tray, this will shield the chicken from the direct heat of the coals, then place foil drip pan directly on the coal pan to the far left, and then place the chicken on it. Make sure you rotate the chicken for even cooking and browning.
As far as clean the bricks, I would place them near the coals so the oil could burn off, and then rinse them in plain water once they’ve cooled down. I don’t think you’d be able to remove the stains, but at least they’ll be clean and not greasy.
I hope I answered your questions, please let me know if you need additional info.

Post Sun Jul 10, 2005 8:16 pm
pudd raw

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I have lots of questions.
First of all I'm planning on mainly grilling not smoking or BBQ'ing with this grill so is it worthwhile to get the side box.
Also is there an easy way to add coals once the fire starts to die out. Last night which was my first time using it I had the hot side on the opposite side of the vent, a medium side in the middle, and noting next to the vent for indirect stuff so it made it difficult to add coals cause the grill was full. I'm thinking next time I should make the hot side next to the vents.

Post Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:25 am
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Let me add my welcome, too.

If I have a full grill and need to add coals, there are a couple of ways, depending on what I'm grilling. (1) Move the food to the warming tray from one section of the grate. Dump lit coals in that section. Using a fireplace poker, spread out the coals, as needed. Replace the grate and return the food to the grate. (2) Same as one, except I stack the food on top of what's cooking on the next grate over. Usually use the first method.

For indirect grilling, adding more coals usually isn't a problem. The food is usually sitting on the grate over a foil pan on the charcoal grate. Charcoal is on either side. Since it isn't necessary to keep the grates in the CG over the coals, it makes it easy to add extra lit coals or a few more pieces of lump, as needed.

Oh, BTW, when you're doing BCC, remove the warming rack. It should slip off the holders very easily. Then, you'll have plenty of headroom for your chicken. If you're doing just one chicken, set it on it's can (or can and holder) in a small aluminum pan on top of the cooking grate. If you're doing a bunch of BCC, put a larger drip pan on the charcoal tray under the cooking grate, with the charcoal mounded on either side. Pan on top makes grate cleaning easier. Pan underneath lets you get more birds in the same area of the grate.

In closing, my suggestion is to get the SFB, even though you usually grill. You never know when you'll run across a recipe that you'd like to try, but would need the SFB to do it. Add the warming tray to the SFB and you'll have the perfect parking place for those grates, when the need arises during grilling. So, you'll still have a use for the SFB even when you aren't using it for its intended purpose. :) But, I bet you will once you have one. There's a lot of great food just waiting for you to give it a try.

Hope you find some of this to be useful. Again, welcome.

Post Mon Jul 11, 2005 11:20 am
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Welcome to the board pudd! :D


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