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All the wood i could want part 2

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Post Tue Jun 19, 2007 1:07 am
bbq-Ike medium-rare

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a week ago i contacted my friend who said he would give me as much wood as i wanted from his tree removal buisness.

from me

sweet bro. how long you been doing this buisness? pretty cool you started that up. reason im asking is cause i talked to some people and they said that i need to "season" the wood for at least 10 months. (basically let it dry out) before i use it for smoking woods. so i need to clear a nice place that i can let the wood dry out. i think you told me thats what your doing too.

you got any cherry or hickory thats been drying for a while. or is it all still pretty green. oh and whats your phone number again. i think i lost it.


his response
this is my 2nd year running this business. All the wood we cut down this year we season for selling next summer. inless of course the tree has been dead for a while and naturally seasoned itself b4 we cut it down. the hickory i have has probably been cureing for a year now i totaly forgot we had any till i was sorting through it last week but its really nice. the cherry i have i cut down last october. so it has a couple months id say till its complete. i would also double check and see if the cherry i have is the right kind for b.b.q. ing... i cut down the type of cherry trees that are used for carpentry like cabinets/molding/wood floors. compared to the actual cherry tree which bears the fruit.

my # is (phone number deleted muahhaha nice try)

hope to hook u up with some nice wood yo.


JACKPOT! so what do you guys think. as far as what he's describing that sounds like the right cherry? gonna go pick that hickory up real soon.

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