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Post Wed Jun 23, 2004 11:24 am
RichD medium-well

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Grand I posted this on two other forums. The general consensus is to smoke it, wrap it, slice the day you are seving it and reheat it in a chafing dish with a steam pan in a little of the reserved juieces and or mop.
I am told that reheating it whole can take as long as it did to smoke in the first place.
I have yet to do it myself, but this was the general info I got from the three postings I made on this topic.
Hope this helps.


Post Wed Jun 23, 2004 1:22 pm
BBcue-Z well done
well done

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I found the brisket to be moister, tender, and juicer when I sliced it after smoking. I would then place it in a deep dish and pour some of the mop sauce and store for the next day. The next day, I would reheat it in the mop sauce. Doing it this way will shorten the reheating time, keep the slices moist, and the mop sauce flavors the meat even more. That’s just my own preference.

Post Fri Jun 25, 2004 5:25 pm

I'm doing the same with my pork butt for July 4th (thanks to all the great advice I received from you guys in this forum). I'll be smoking the butts Saturday and pulling them, and then just reheating them on Sunday in a steam tray at the restaurant.

As for brisket, I don't see why you couldn't cook and slice them on the Saturday and just reheat them on Sunday as well- with a bit of the mop sauce, of course. The meat is already well done and very smoky, so you could just reheat it in a steam tray or oven instead of the smoker.

For that matter, cold BBQ brisket sliced thinly (and I mean paper-thin, like pastrami or Montreal smoked meat) is pure heaven as well. I've got an Oster home slicer that does almost as good a job as the big deli units, and it's cheap to boot. It works really well on both hot and cold meats, though the cold meats tend to stay together a bit better.

The only thing it doesn't do too well is cut brisket on the diagonal- I've got a big chef's knife for that. It works wonders on cold brisket, though. Just remember to pair it with a good mustard or BBQ sauce, and don't skimp on the quality of the buns.


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