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Post Sat Jun 12, 2004 2:05 pm
vfxtrev medium-rare

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Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Hey Everyone....

First of all, big thanks to Steven for his books!! I love barbequing and now that I've started reading them, I'm going to love it more. :D

Now I need to get started by buying a grill... I'm not decided on whether I want to go with charcoal or gas - but one thing I would like to know is, what brand do you prefer? I want to make sure I get a bbq that is good at indirect grilling, as I am really into ribs. Can you do indirect with a gas grill just as good as charcoal? What is your favorite gas grill and what is your favorite charcoal grill?

Thanks for the help, and I'm sure I'll be back with more questions later. :wink:


Post Sat Jun 12, 2004 2:36 pm
Don Marco well done
well done

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vfxtrev wrote:
... what brand do you prefer? ..Iget a bbq that is good at indirect grilling, as I am really into ribs.

Howdy and welcome...

To answer your the first of the above wuestion : Can you spell W E B E R ?

I´d suggest you get a 221/2 one touch gold or platinum.Mighty fine for direct grilling and really show off when youre grilling indirect.Platinum has the charcoal baskets included (extra for the others) and they really work well.

If you dont want to grill that much and want reallly awesome ribs (and other smoked food) go for a smokey mountain cooker.Heres more Info :

Weber gas grills are fine, too, but i use mine only for quick weekday meals or to support my other cookers when theres a crowd for dinner.

Heres some more info on cooking ribs on a kettle, just to get you started.

Don Marco

Post Sat Jun 12, 2004 3:44 pm
BBcue-Z well done
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Here is a link to a thread that may help you decide:
As far as doing indirect grilling on a gas grill, yes it’s done all the time, but if you want good ribs, you’ll have to go with a smoker. If you were not ready for a smoker yet, I would definitely go with a charcoal grill for ribs. And this is coming from someone who owns 2 gas grills.

Post Mon Jun 14, 2004 10:00 am
Bob-BQN User avatar
well done
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Welcome to the board vfxtrev! We've had several friends from the north joining in lately. You'll find many big fans of the Weber products here. They make a great product that is long lasting and stand behind it with one of the best warrantees in the business. Their customer support has been top notch and replacement parts for older models are readily available. However, you’ll need to poke around on the Internet and local shops to see what best suites you needs. Both gas and charcoal can be used to cook using the indirect method. Larger surface areas will do the job better. Good luck it your quest find a new grill.

Post Tue Jun 15, 2004 12:31 am
vfxtrev medium-rare

Posts: 65
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Thanks guys for all your responses. I was just by Home Depot and noticed that I can order a Weber "Performer" Charcoal grill for $600 cnd. -- pretty cool!! Going to do some more internet research, and see if that's what I really want -- however, Weber products are sounding better and better.


Trev :D

Post Tue Jun 15, 2004 1:15 am
BigDaddy medium

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Let me start by saying. I think you would never go wrong with any Weber product...

I just very high on the Char-Griller. If you have a Lowes in the area... swing by and take a look. I think you'll like what you see. Cast Iron grates, side fire-box... real nice peice.

Good luck and happy grilling.

Post Tue Jun 15, 2004 9:55 am
Big D well done
well done

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Welcome to the board my fellow Canadian!

I agree 100% with WEBER! I have a Weber Summit Gold D which I will cook a whole pig on for Canada Day. I purchased this grill 2 months ago now (man how time flys and sooo many great meals enjoyed :D ) The parts are superior to many of its competitors, there is a great deal of replacement parts avalible out there so if anything does happen it is not difficult to fix. One example used many times is the fact many Sears dont even stock replacement parts for some of their 'own' in house brands yet carry Weber replacement products. And finally Weber has an amazing warranty with perhaps the best and most friendly customer service ever.

I dont think any of us here are affiliated with Weber in anyway other than we love their products!

What ever you choose - stick around, share you stories and ideas and enjoy!

Post Tue Jun 15, 2004 10:26 am
Yankee Bill medium

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Another big welcome to ya :lol: .

As alway's, the folk's here have given you some great advice. I will second all that was already stated, but ultimately, your final decision will have to be made upon your own want's and need's.

Many that have both Gas and Charcoal grill's do as Don Marco stated, gas for quick weekday meals and charcoal for weekend's etc.. Personally, If I had to choose between the 2, and was going to be using it only when time allowed, and not several times weekly, then I'd go charcoal. But, you can't beat the convenience of gas. ( that doesn't help you much, does it :roll: ) .

What ever you choose, just have fun with it and cook lot's of food :lol: YB2
I'll eat anything that won't eat me first !!!

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